Having trouble getting your little one to sleep at night? Are you looking for something to help?

Once you become a parent, bedtime becomes pure bliss: your little one turns into a sleeping cherub, the world becomes still and you all get a much-needed rest. Or at least that’s what you dream of!

There are a lot of things that could be keeping your little one awake. As a parent it can seem like the factors and possibilities are endless — from sleep schedules to bedtime routines, finding a solution can seem complicated.

Sometimes, the thing about keeping your child up at night can also be as simple as a fear of the dark — and the best way to combat this is with a night light.

Night lights from My Baby Nursery can help your child get a good night’s rest. Put aside the fear of monsters and darkness by using one of these comforting baby night lights to illuminate your child’s room or nursery. The baby night lights at My Baby Nursery come in a variety of designs and colours to make your child’s late hours a fun experience. No need to turn on bright lights and hurt your toddler’s sensitive eyes every time they wake up at night. Our night lights are economical and last long. Their soft lighting has been designed to set a sleepy and cosy environment for your baby to relax.

However, not all night lights are created equal, so how do you choose the absolute best one?

The reality—during the first year, you’ll be in and out of the nursery multiple times a night to feed and change your baby. And later, coughing and colds, bad dreams and potty training will mean middle-of-the-night wake-ups for toddlers.

A night light is indispensable for predawn activity. (Trust us—at 2 a.m., overhead lights will look like the surface of the sun.) A night light provides enough brightness to change diapers or feed your baby, but is gentle on blurry eyes. The dim light also keeps you and your child in sleep-time mode. And for toddlers, who fight going to bed like it’s their job, a night light eases fears of the dark.

Here are the night lights we think are worth waking up for.

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