It’s amazing how such tiny people come with so much stuff!

Once your little one arrives, trying to keep their room in order will become a project in and of itself. Luckily, with the right storage pieces for all those toys, books and stuffies, tidying the room can be a quick job. Even though they’re practical, shelving, storage bins and bookcases don’t have to be boring. Well-designed pieces like our picks below keep everything neatly in place and can add character too!

Preparing your home for the newest member of the family requires some next-level organizational skills. For someone so small, a newborn needs a surprising amount of gear, and as you start to set up the nursery, you might be wondering where you’re going to put it all—not to mention how to afford big-ticket items like a crib, glider and changing table on a budget. Check out our top tips for how to make the most of your space and budget with these clever nursery storage ideas.

1. Use a Large Dresser in Place of a Changing Table

When you’re investing in new furniture, there are two key points to keep in mind: How many functions can it serve and how long will it last? A changing table is a one-trick pony; outside of the infant stage, it doesn’t serve much purpose. But a sizeable chest of drawers can easily grow with your child’s storage needs and play double duty as a diaper changing station. Simply put a changing pad with a nonslip base on top and you’re set. Most pads even come with safety straps to attach them to the dresser for extra security. Store your diapering essentials in the drawer below for easy access.

2. Stash Small Items in Bins and Baskets

It’s probably no surprise that babies come with all manner of little accessories that are as tiny (and cute!) as they are. But keeping these mini essentials corralled is no easy feat. Stock up on attractive nursery storage baskets and bins that match your nursery décor so you can organize with style. Drawer organizers are also indispensable when it comes to sorting teeny socks, hats and more. Tip: Think about this when choosing a dresser—deep drawers are key.

3. Place Storage Furniture in Baby’s Closet

Obviously baby’s clothes don’t take up nearly as much hanging space as the adult variety, so don’t let that lower half of the closet go to waste. (Nursery storage space is precious!) Instead, fill the gap with a modular storage unit or stackable drawers, so you can customize the shape to fit in a tight spot. A cube shelf organizer with removable bins is especially convenient for hiding toys when not in use. Bonus: As your child grows, they can learn to take out what they need and (more importantly) easily put it back!

4. Hang Blankets on a Decorative Ladder or Hooks

Nursery storage isn’t only about camouflaging what you don’t want to see—it can also mean finding a special place to showcase beautiful items. After family and friends hear about the exciting new arrival, you might be overloaded with adorably printed swaddles or handmade baby blankets. Don’t hide these sweet gifts away in a drawer; display them on a stylish blanket ladder (aka a towel ladder) or hooks hung on the wall.

5. Utilize Your Wall Space

Here’s another nursery storage idea: Think vertically. If baby’s room has a limited footprint, look to the walls for simple storage solutions. Hang baskets on hooks for easy and portable access to necessities (like diaper supplies next to your changing station) or opt for book rails, or even picture ledges, in place of a stand-alone bookshelf. Wall shelves are also great for displaying baby’s keepsakes, treasured stuffed animals and books, and you can always stash less attractive items in decorative boxes.

6. Hide Storage Boxes Under the Crib

That crib skirt isn’t just a cute accessory to match the rest of your nursery décor, it’s also an invaluable way to conceal essentials like extra packs of diapers, or to tuck away clothing baby has yet to grow into. Pick up some low-profile storage containers to slide under the crib and no one will be the wiser.

7. Use a Toy Box or Bookshelf as a Window Seat

Take advantage of valuable space below a window with a combo storage solution and seat. A sturdy toy box, storage ottoman or even a reinforced bookcase turned on its side can all serve as an extra spot to curl up with a book and admire the view. Simply top it with a custom cushion to complete the look (if you lack sewing skills, enlist a crafty relative or professional to make one for you).

When it comes to nursery storage ideas, our best advice is to keep an eye out for furniture that serves more than one function. You’ll be surprised how easily you can make use of every available square inch.

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