Whether you are breast or bottle feeding, it’s your new “work station” every two hours, for the next few months. These gliders will assist you to enable you to feed in comfort.

My Baby Nursery’s high-quality glider chairs and ottomans make your nursery a comfortable place for you and your baby. Our stylish baby furniture is also sure to add that perfect finishing touch to your little one’s room. By checking out our wide selection, you can begin shopping for your very own.

Our branded chairs and ottomans come in many innovative designs so you can easily find many pieces that will match your decor. Since we sell a variety of nursery furniture in bold hues as well as in neutral colours, it’s up to you to pick one that can hype up the environment.

Are you torn about adding a glider to your baby registry? You might be wondering if you need or even have space for one. And let’s face it — nursery gliders can be pricey.

But there’s nothing sweeter than feeding and bonding with your baby in the nursery. If you’re daydreaming about reading, snuggling and singing to your bundle of joy while rocking the day (and night) away in one of these chairs, read on for everything you need to know about nursery gliders.

Do I need a glider for my baby’s nursery?

Although gliders certainly aren’t a must-have item, they can certainly come in handy.

These nursing chairs let you rock back and forth, and this gentle movement can help soothe baby to sleep. They’re also gloriously comfortable; a glider chair is a perfect place to feed the baby or sit when you’re up to with your little one during the night.

What is the difference between a glider and a rocker?

When you’re choosing a nursing chair for baby’s nursery, you might be deciding between a rocking chair and a glider.

Traditional rocking chairs have two curved bands at the base, while gliders let you move back and forth on a stationary frame base. If you’re not sure which style you prefer, it can be helpful to visit a store to test out different models in person.

You will definitely love our glider chairs when you sit on them comfortably as you hold your little bundle of joy. Some of our models are built with a 360-degree swivel feature, plush material, padded armrest, and reclining backrest. Our range of baby gliders and ottomans include products with sturdy frame structures, exciting ergonomic styles and are made with your comfort in mind. With deep side pockets, you can store your baby’s essentials and even your own items in them. And, since they are created with quality fabric, blending them in virtually any room is possible.

What is the best glider?

Keep the following in mind when shopping for a nursery glider:

  • Is it easy to clean? Be careful rocking a freshly fed baby. It can be messy. Choosing a nursery glider with detachable and washable cushions is best. Chairs covered in stain-repellent fabrics are a solid second choice.
  • Does it have a locking mechanism? When getting out of the nursing chair while holding your baby, it’s safer to stand up if the chair isn’t moving. This feature also protects little fingers from getting pinched once baby starts crawling.
  • Is it comfortable for your neck and back? It’s best to test gliders out first, and price-compare later. Remember, you’ll be holding your bundle of joy a lot, and you’ll need the extra support.
  • Does it have enough padding? You could be gliding for hours. Make sure there is adequate and comfortable padding for the seat and armrests. You’ll appreciate the extra cushion.
  • Does it squeak? Trust us, that’s the last thing you’ll want your baby to hear in the middle of the night.
  • Is it on a 360-degree base? If not, that’s OK. It shouldn’t be a glider-purchase deal-breaker. However, it’s a nice feature that allows you to spin around to get a quick visual on your other children.
  • Does it recline? Rocking baby isn’t all singing and reading fairy tales. At some point, you’ll be pulling an all-nighter in the nursery. A reclining glider lets you catch some shuteye while baby sleeps close by in the crib. And that’s good for the whole family.

Nursery seating is a non-negotiable (just ask any seasoned parent), and since it’s a place you’ll find yourself spending a lot of time—whether it’s for late-night feedings, nursery rhyme readings, or, heck, snoozing yourself—you want it to be comfortable for both you and baby. But deciding on the perfect glider or rocker comes down to much more than just making sure it fits your nursery theme (though the style is, of course, important). You’ll want to consider these important factors when you’re on the hunt for the best nursery glider or baby rocking chair:

• Comfort: You want your nursery glider or rocking chair to be soft but supportive, with enough height to rest your head. Sit in it to get a feel of the seat pan depth and put your arms on the armrests. The back, butt and arm support really do have to work in harmony.

• Customer reviews: Fellow parents and their experiences are extremely valuable, even more so if you don’t have the chance to see and test out a baby glider or rocker chair in person.

• Cost: Nursery rockers and gliders range from affordable to astronomical, basic to bells-and-whistles; decide where your budget falls from the start and don’t even look at ones outside the budget cap you set for yourself.

• Construction: It should last through all of your babies and beyond.

With what seems like hundreds of products to choose from, we’ve narrowed it down to the best nursery glider and baby rocking chairs that score high on all four of the buy considerations. They swivel, glide, rock, recline—and one even charges your phone! While a nursery glider or rocking chair can’t make those exhausted nights (and days) go away, it’s still a comfy and much-needed rest stop every sleep-deprived parent can appreciate.


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