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Are Bamboo Sheets Better Than Egyptian Cotton?

When discussing sleep quality, bedding is often overlooked as a factor. Little did you know that it contributes to creating a sleep environment that could potentially make or break your slumber. This is why some can compare sleeping in hotels to heaven because these establishments invest in higher quality bed sheets, ensuring your snug and cozy sleep. Choosing the right bed sheets, then, becomes a difficult challenge. With the multitude of choices available in the market, we’re set to find out which one comes out as the best sheets?

In today’s trends, bamboo sheets have become the talk of the town, and now, people are wondering whether or not it lives up to its hype especially when pitted against the trusted and traditional cotton bedding. Here, we’ll compare the bamboo sheets to their premium cotton counterpart, Egyptian cotton.

What Are The Bamboo Sheets?

These bed sheets are made from its namesake, the fibres of the bamboo plant. Due to the sheer length of the bamboo fibres, long and thin threads could be spun from it allowing more space for the thread to be woven together, substantially increasing its thread count. Unlike cotton, however, thread count weighs less in the softness and overall quality of bamboo sheets because even with a low thread count, bamboo bedding continues to provide the luxurious feel that people look for in their sheets.

Bamboo bed sheets have steadily been rising in popularity in the past few years, especially with the environmentally-conscious sector of the population. These sheets are made from all-natural and organic fibres derived from bamboo plants. The fibres are spun into a yarn that is then weaved into a sheet of impeccable softness. Due to the lack of chemicals or harsh dyes found in these sheets, more parents have been choosing bamboo for their child’s bed.

All-natural material can also have a positive effect on those who live with a skin condition, as the natural softness soothes the skin and can reduce itchy or rough spots. Although bamboo sheets are on the more expensive side, they can be considered an investment if they reduce the lack of healthcare needed on a yearly basis.

What Are The Benefits Of Bamboo Bed Sheets?

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Bamboo cotton has an extremely soft texture that is naturally soothing to your skin, but it also possesses high breathability thanks to its organic fibres. This high level of breathability is a definite bonus to those who live in humid climates or just sleep hot on a nightly basis. The breathability found in bamboo sheets ensure that your body heat will not be trapped in the bedding with you and allow you to wake in the morning dry and rested for the day ahead.

Bamboo is also a plant material that is naturally moisture-resistant, which lead many people to call these sheets hypoallergenic. If moisture cannot be trapped in the sheets with you, there is nowhere for bacteria or parasites to form and develop. A lack of bacteria and parasites will automatically equal a healthy lifestyle, as respiratory problems or skin conditions are not irritated by your bedsheets. This lack of absorption will also protect the colour and durability of the bedsheets, as natural body oils or fluids will not weaken the fabric over time.

Bamboo sheets are considered highly durable because long fibres are used in the construction of the sheets, rather than short fibres stitched together. These long fibres add strength to the sheets, so they are less likely to rip or tear with daily use.

What are Egyptian cotton sheets?

Egyptian cotton, on the other hand, is known for serving the highest quality and the most durable amongst its cotton counterparts. Handpicked, the Egyptian cotton plant produces long threads with the smallest diameter possible. The thin yarn enables the manufacturers to create material with a high thread count that never sacrifices strength and softness. This is where the well-known rule-of-thumb comes in where the higher the thread count, the better the quality of the sheets.

Egyptian cotton is considered to be in the top ranks of high-quality bedsheets and with good reason, as they are not only durable but have a softness that brings to mind the feel of silk. Silk bed sheets, along with satin varieties, are extremely smooth and soft, but they do not possess the durability of cotton and are prone to rips or tears with little force.

Egyptian cotton sheets have long been hailed as a symbol of wealth or well-developed taste. The price of these sheets certainly reflects these assumptions, but with good reason. As a smooth, silky soft surface with durability that must be witnessed to be appreciated, it is no surprise people are willing to pay top dollar for these sheets.

Egyptian cotton sheets are constructed using long fibres of organic and natural Egyptian cotton. These fibres are spun into a yarn which is ran through the entirety of the sheet to provide durability without sacrificing comfort. The higher the thread count (the number of threads in a square inch of material), the softer and stronger these sheets will be.

Environmentally conscious consumers also enjoy these sheets because they are made from all-natural materials without the addition of harsh dyes or chemicals.

What are the benefits of Egyptian cotton bed sheets?

Egyptian cotton has an incredibly soft texture that only increases as the thread count of the sheet do. The natural fibres of these sheets will also soothe skin rather than irritate it but use caution when choosing your sheets as there are many imitation sets on the market that only use a portion of authentic Egyptian cotton without a reduction in price.

Egyptian cotton is also very lightweight and breathable, which is a must for those who live in hot, humid climates or for those whose body temperature runs high during slumber. This breathability will allow the sleeper to wake up cool and most importantly, dry in the morning hours. Cotton naturally repels moisture as well, which means bacteria or mould will not be found in the fibres that run throughout the sheets.

People who suffer from respiratory problems should notice a difference in their nighttime breathing, as damp conditions can increase the symptoms.

It is well known that cotton is one of the most durable fabrics available for a wide range of items, from bedding to curtains to clothing and Egyptian cotton is no different. Not only are these sheets durable, but the strength of the fabric means you can wash and dry them easily at home. Rips and tears are slower to form in cotton sheets, meaning that expensive price tag paid for itself over and over.

What are the differences between bamboo sheets and Egyptian cotton?

In this battle between the sheets, we’ll look into five different criteria to see which bedding is the best match for you.


Both bamboo and Egyptian cotton sheets are known for their high quality. These sheets have been known to last for up to 15 years because of the long fibres present in both the bamboo and cotton plant. Instead of sewing small patches of fabric together, bamboo and Egyptian cotton sheets are made out of long and thin threads that stretch throughout their entirety covering the whole length of the sheet. This method allows the bedding to resist pilling and tearing — both of which shorten the sheets’ life.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. Both beddings require lots of care, particularly when washing. Gentle cycles are a must to uphold the bedding’s quality.

One difference that the two sheets have is that cotton is more likely to discolour because it absorbs sweat and oil from our bodies while we’re asleep. These yellow and grey stains in our sheets could be countered with deep cleaning, but some opt to throw them away after discolouration for sanitary reasons.

Both bamboo & Egyptian cotton sheets are known to feel incredibly soft and smooth. They are also considered to be high-quality sheets that can last up to 15 years due to the long fibres present in both bamboo and cotton plants. Both types of sheets are made to be resistant to pilling – which oftentimes, could shorten your sheet’s life.

Both bedding also requires more care than your common sheets. Mild liquid detergents and a gentle cycle is needed in order to maintain the quality of the sheets

Cotton sheets, however, do have a tendency to discolour after years of use as it absorbs sweat from your body while you’re asleep. These yellow stains can be washed out with deep cleaning, but some would prefer to throw them for sanitary reasons.

Bamboo bed sheets are also more durable than traditional sheets since long fibres are stretched the entire length of the sheet, making them less likely to tear or pill like cotton sheets. Bamboo sheets also won’t absorb body oils, making them less likely to become discoloured over time; they will look great for years to come. Research shows bamboo bed sheets can last up to fifteen years before needing to be replaced if cared for properly.

The average 1000 thread count, Egyptian Cotton sheet set, will last several years with the right care. The need to launder more frequently than bamboo fibre sheets will eventually break down the material, but they should last a long while without any rips or tears. Egyptian cotton is a breathable fabric and helps absorb water from the body.

The first thing consumers usually notice about the wear of cotton sheets is peeling and discolouration. Since the cotton fibre is absorbent to natural body oils, eventually they will become discoloured. This will more than likely be the first sign of wear on Egyptian Cotton sheets.

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Comfort and Feel

Bamboo bed sheets have a silky feel to them, but unlike silk, the material isn’t slippery at all. It is naturally light and breathable, especially because of its moisture-wicking capabilities. This means that even in the hottest of temperatures, the bamboo fabric will not stick to the skin similar to working out in a dry-fit shirt. It also has temperature regulating features that enable it to keep you warm in the winter but cool in the summer.

Egyptian cotton bedding, especially those with a higher thread count, has a remarkably soft and luxurious feel to it. Like a fine wine, the longer you have your Egyptian cotton sheets, the softer it gets because washing it makes it softer than ever. Unlike regular cotton varieties, Egyptian cotton is breathable, making it thin and lightweight.

Bamboo Sheets feel silky without it being slippery. It is breathable, lightweight and cooling, especially because of its moisture-wicking and thermal-regulating properties. That means bamboo bedding won’t stick on your skin even on warm summer nights. It will continue to move heat away from your body as you sleep.

Like Bamboo, Egyptian Cotton sheets also feel breathable and lightweight. Those with higher thread count also can feel very luxurious and comfortable. It also becomes softer the more you wash it.

Bamboo sheets are naturally more breathable than Egyptian cotton due to longer fibres being stretched the entire length of the sheet rather than short fibres being pilled together like cotton. With natural temperature-regulating abilities, bamboo sheets have the ability to absorb sweat throughout the night and won’t cling to the body during warm temperatures due to natural cooling abilities. This is why during the night you will never have the need to toss and turn looking for a cool spot on the sheets.

Egyptian cotton is a breathable fabric and helps absorb water from the body. This cotton fabric has the capability to generate extra-long fibres. Extra-long fibres make thinner threads which result in higher thread counts. A higher thread count means more softness and durability. The average thread count for comfort, quality, and softness is 1000.


One aspect that draws a number of people to bamboo sheets is the fact that it is hypoallergenic, perfect if you have sensitive skin. Its moisture, as mentioned above, wicking ability also prevents the growth of bacteria in your bedding which, in turn, prevents odour from clinging to your sheets. Not only that, but it makes sure that you’re not sharing your bed with anyone — or anything — else because it keeps bugs, dust mites, and pathogens away from your bed.

While bamboo sheets bring in a variety of health benefits, cotton sheets aren’t known to have any. Egyptian cotton sheets, however, are known to be gentle to the skin, which also makes it suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Bamboo sheets are one of the coolest things about Bamboo sheets because they have natural anti-bacterial properties making them hypoallergenic. This makes them great for those with allergens and prevents consumers from having allergic reactions. Since bamboo is an organic fibre, it is the preferred fabric of allergists for those experiencing asthma and lung issues. Not to mention those with sensitive skin love the hypoallergenic properties of bamboo sheets.

They’re also great for reducing bacteria because they’re resistant to dust mites and pathogens.

Bamboo sheets have special natural anti-bacterial properties and are Hypoallergenic and prevent the user from various allergic reactions. And since this is organic, it is a fabric that is preferred by those who have asthma and other lung-related problems.

The use of bamboo fibre makes these sheets completely healthy for the user as they are resistant to bacteria build-up. Moreover, bamboo sheets are challenging to dust mites and pathogens and keep bugs away from the bed.

Cotton does not have any specific health benefits like bamboo but is gentle to the skin.

Environmental Impact

Made from the bamboo plant, bamboo bedding products are said to be sustainable, seeing that it grows rapidly with little to no aid from pesticides and other agricultural chemicals. To make sure that the negative effects of chemicals don’t affect your health, it is still recommended to choose sheets that are made from organic bamboo.

On the contrary, cotton is a plant that uses extensive amounts of pesticide and harmful chemicals. If you are environmentally conscious, this doesn’t mean Egyptian cotton sheets aren’t for you. Alternatively, you can opt for some bedding options that are made of organic cotton.

Bamboo is a very sustainable crop and fast-growing grass. Aside from this, it requires no fertilizer or agricultural chemicals, and it is a self-generating plant.

Cotton, on the other hand, requires more water, pesticides, and harmful chemicals during production. If you want to be more environmentally conscious, you can opt for organic cotton bedding instead of your regular cotton bedding.

Bamboo Sheet: Even though bamboo sheets are soft and comfortable to the touch, they’re also very environmentally sustainable. Requiring very little water to grow, it can sustain some of the toughest environments and reaches full maturity within two to three years. Some types of bamboo can grow as quickly as four feet per day and don’t have to be replanted after harvesting- it naturally grows back. It produces up to eight times more fibre per acre of land compared to cotton, making it a largely renewable fibre that grows quickly.

Not only is bamboo a rapidly renewable source of fibre, but it also does not require any form of pesticides to be grown. On the other hand, cotton is one of the highest pesticide requiring crops on Earth, which makes it harmful for those using cotton sheets and the environment. Another interesting fact about bamboo is that it minimizes CO2 levels in the air and can generate up to thirty-five per cent more oxygen than surrounding trees. Making it one of the most sustainable plants on Earth.


From affordable prices to luxurious price tags, both bamboo and Egyptian cotton bedding have a broad price range, but in the end, it really depends on what you need in terms of features and comfort. The most common in the market are blend sheets — a combination of different materials. Although more expensive, getting 100% bamboo or 100% Egyptian cotton is crucial to make sure you reap all the benefits that the sheets provide. If you’re on a budget, picking a 100% bamboo sheet with a low thread count is an alternative. Like mentioned earlier, with bamboo beddings, thread count doesn’t matter as much to the quality and softness delivered by these products.


Egyptian cotton is called the ‘king of all cotton’ due to its luxurious feel and durability. It is considered to become softer after every wash. On the other hand, Bamboo sheets give a silky and soft touch and are not at all slippery.

We have just discovered the key differences between bamboo bed sheets and Egyptian cotton ones. Armed with this knowledge, it should be easier for you to determine what the best fit is for your personal preferences and your individual style.

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Always research brands and quality inspections when choosing a high-end type of bedsheets, as there are many imposters on the market today that claim to be one or the other but only contain a fraction of the material needed to be considered bamboo or Egyptian cotton. Keep in mind any skin conditions that can be irritated by the fabrics touching your skin, because if the average adult spends a third of their life in bed, shouldn’t it be without discomfort?

Your bedroom is the one room in your home that is considered a safe haven of sorts and it should be comfortable for you and your partner. Sleep is one of the highest sources of fuel for the body and the mind. This fuel is converted to energy that is then used in the processes of producing important hormones, complete storage of long-term and short-term memories, and even the healing of the body from injuries or sickness

When it comes to softness, the battle seems like a tie, but when all other factors come in, bamboo sheets are the clear winner. From its cooling factor to its health and sanitation benefits to its long life, you definitely get your money’s worth out of these sheets.

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