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Top 50 Childcare Early Learning Centres in Melbourne, Victoria [2021]

As a parent, you want your child to have the best possible start in life. One way is by providing them with quality childcare. Therefore, when choosing a centre for your children, it is essential that you find one which suits their needs and provides them with an enriching environment.

For many parents, finding quality child care is difficult and time-consuming. However, there is help available to make this process easier. This blog post will cover how to search for and find the right childcare provider that suits your needs, as well as tips on what questions you need to ask before making any commitments so you can be sure they meet your expectations.

The early years are the most important time to lay the foundation for a healthy, happy life. So to help you find quality childcare in Melbourne that will be beneficial for your child's development, we've put together this list of early learning centres in Melbourne.

G8 Education - Childcare Early Learning Centre Melbourne

g8 education childcare early learning centre melbourne

1800 324 961

There is no 'one way to love your child – and we know it's never easy to leave them. But with life being so busy for families, we can help to support that love, with our qualified educators offering excellent care across our 460 centres nationwide.

Why Families Love Their Kids With Us?

Leaving your little ones at child care can be difficult. But, at that moment, all you want to know is that you are doing the right thing. Hear from our families who love their children by leaving them with us.

Discovery Bay Childcare Early Learning Centre Melbourne

discovery bay childcare early learning centre melbourne

03 7018 9585

Every centre within the Group has a unique but familiar feel, and our Specialised classrooms are set up to stimulate the learning journey for each child who enters. We invite you to step into the world of wonder of Discovery Bay, where, as like the great explorers of our time started their journey in a bay, so will each child commence their journey of exploration into their future. The captains of our classrooms are highly qualified and handpicked, responsible for steering the ship as our explorers navigate their way through each phase of their journey. In addition, our Kindergarten shipmate works with each to help them set courses through their kindergarten program in preparation for your child's venture into the vast plains of junior school and beyond.

Our Team

The friendly and expert team working alongside you to guide the future generation.

Our team is dedicated to providing a quality educational yet playful program while ensuring a safe, secure and nurturing environment.

Why Choose Discovery Bay?

Exceptional Facilities

Our centre is purpose-built to meet the needs of all children and offers Montessori prepared classrooms and outdoor spaces to guide their learning and exploration.

Flexible Programs

We offer families long daycare between the hours of 7 am – 6.30 pm, providing flexibility for those travelling to and from work. We also offer reduced hours for families that do not need long hours of care. In addition, for 4-year-old kindergarten children can attend our 9 am – 3 pm session to enhance their school readiness.

Affordable 'All Inclusive' Fees

Discovery Bay Programs are all-inclusive and qualify for the Child Care Subsidy. We will work with each family to ensure their child receives the best start in their education journey.

Innovative & Child Specific Teaching

Each child is supported and guided to achieve their educational goals and ongoing development. We also provide the opportunity to incorporate excursions in our program to enhance our collaboration within the community.

Guardian Childcare Early Learning Centre Melbourne

guardian childcare early learning centre melbourne

13 82 30

Guardian Childcare & Education Collins Street

Guardian Childcare & Education Collins Street is rated exceeding in the National Quality Standard. The centre is conveniently located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD, which means families can access the highest quality education and care close to work. All with less rushing around and more time with your child! The warm and homely centre boasts a range of resource-rich environments, including a family dining area, city views, simulated outdoor spaces, vibrant gardens, a treehouse and multiple water play areas. These spaces encourage the children to explore and learn, with the added benefit of a Kindergarten Program led by quality teachers who are there to help prepare your child for the exciting transition to school.

But the children are not confined to the centre, with regular excursions out and about into the community. Favourite locations include the National Gallery of Victoria, Flinders Street, Treasury Gardens and Federation Square. On these adventures, the children have the opportunity to explore the exhibits, have a picnic, play some games or visit the animals. Read more about the Guardian Collins Street Excursion Program on our blog. Assistant Centre Manager Soledad said: "We organise our excursions so that all the age groups get a chance to leave the centre each week. So one day we might take the babies to the park, and the next, the kinder children to the museum or an art gallery." Our onsite cook Fernando prepares five nutritionally balanced meals using seasonal ingredients every day. Here Fernando shares his famous recipe for Italian Pork Ragú Lasagne – the dish is a firm favourite among the children and Educators at Guardian Collins Street. Children enjoy their meals in the dedicated piazza while socialising with peers and educators and participate in regular hands-on cooking classes to further explore their understanding of nutrition.

Childcare and Education

Learning at Guardian Childcare Centres

Learning starts from birth. And children are capable of communication and learning at every age. A child does not reach the age of four or five and become magically ready for primary school. They are learning from the very moment they enter this world as a baby – and our teams and Teachers understand what that learning looks like every step of the way.

Our approach to learning is more than 123s and ABCs. We nurture children's natural desire to learn through our world-class curriculum, based on contemporary early childhood thinking and research. We focus on respect, responsibility and community, brought to life through exploration, discovery and play.

We teach through real-world settings and scenarios because our children of today will face a different world tomorrow. They are entering a fast-paced, rapidly changing world, where technology rules and traditional teaching methods are no longer as effective.

That's why our approach focuses on the latest research and insights into how children learn best, focusing on the specific skills they will need to thrive in the 21st Century. Guardian Teachers and Educators are continually adjusting their ways of thinking to support the children of today who will require the skills to be:

  • Innovative and adaptable
  • Creative, critical thinking problem-solvers and decision-makers
  • Lifelong learners
  • Able to work in partnership and collaboration with others.

Wellbeing at Guardian Childcare Centres

Nurturing Growing Brains and Bodies

Educating children about the importance of healthy eating and wellbeing is an important part of early childhood development.

As in the home, our kitchens are often the heart of our Centres – acting as a meeting place for children, families and Educators where adults role-model a healthy love of food and shared mealtimes.

When children, Educators and families come together to eat and drink, it offers new tastes and textures and the opportunity for social and language development, along with self-help and hygiene skills.

We have dedicated cooks and chefs at many of our Centres who prepare nutritionally balanced meals each day. These cooks and chefs also have a key educational role by interacting with our children as they learn what's in their food and how to create it themselves.

From the playground to plate

There are often visits to our Centre vegetable and herb gardens where the children collect ingredients to add to their meals. These are great real-world learning opportunities for the children, who come to understand how different foods grow, how to harvest them and prepare them into nutritionally balanced meals. We encourage children of all ages to play an active role in mealtime.

All of our meals are made with the child's level of development and balance in mind. Tasty and nourishing, our menus include a diverse range of fruit and vegetables and are low GI, light on sugar and unsaturated fats.

To keep your children satisfied, our meals are frequently rotated – encouraging them to try new flavours and textures – while revisiting their favourites time and time again.

A word from the kitchen

Rita has been working at Guardian for more than 20 years. Like many of our cooks, Rita has grown a vegetable and herb garden with help from the children. This is a great way to encourage sustainability and involve children in mealtimes.

Rita knows well that the children enjoy the food more when part of the growing and cooking process.

Sustainability at Guardian Childcare

Sustainability practices guide and drive everything from our curriculum to the way we design and run our Centres.

We work closely with our children and families to develop a sense of responsibility and care for our environment. After all, our Centres are there for you and your children.

We are always looking at ways to reduce our impact on the environment, including:

  • Reducing our consumption of environmental resources, such as being water-wise.
  • Reducing our consumption of resources that have a negative impact on the environment, such as single-use plastics.
  • Reducing waste in general.
  • Recycling and composting.
  • Using safe biodegradable cleaning products.
  • Designing our play spaces to provide more natural settings, making the most natural light to reduce energy use and using natural play materials.

At Guardian, we aim to help shape the environment of tomorrow by:

  • Educating and inspiring our children about the wonders of the environment and the importance of sustainability.
  • Inspiring our teams and families to be more sustainable in their own homes.
  • Partnering with our families to participate in positive environmental projects, such as tree-planting initiatives.

The Guardian Exchange

This space was created to bring our sustainability focus to life. Working with the local community in Richmond (Melbourne), our team collect, sort and display resources for Educators to take back to their Centres. These resources provide Centres with a great range of open-ended materials that spark creativity, ignite imaginations and encourage cognitive and physical development in children.

Here we bring children, families, Educators and the local community together to share experiences and knowledge. The Exchange is home to a resource Centre, workshop and exhibition space that showcases children's work, an onsite café and kitchen, our Richmond Centre, and the Guardian Victoria support office.

To further inspire Educators, the resource team develops creative projects using resources at the centre and shares with Educators how materials can be used in different ways.

Frequently Asked Questions About Childcare Early Learning Centres

Early learning or early education are terms used to describe programs that provide education for children outside their own home before kindergarten. However, we know that children are actively learning wherever they are–at home, in early learning programs, and in communities.

One of the big differences between ELC and childcare is that ELC is centred first on the child's educational needs while also accommodating the parents' working patterns. Working with specialist early learning educators, the children learn through both structured and structured and unstructured play and inquiry.

Children are learning vocabulary by exploring with a variety of mediums. They also learn maths skills (measuring, weighing, counting), science skills, and sharing. In the sensory centre, children also get to use the sense of touch and smell, which can be a very calming activity.

Advantages of Learning Centers

Discipline problems are reduced because groups are limited to a number that can reasonably function in each area. Classroom management is easier since children are in the area of their choice and interest. In addition, children are engaged in hands-on activities as they explore and experiment. 

Learning resource centres benefit students by supplementing the learning process. They function as a place to introduce, reinforce and expand student learning and can be school- or community-based. Centres can provide access to learning materials or serve as a peer learning centre.

Research has found that learning environments play a crucial role in student success. Students who study in a positive learning environment have been shown to be more motivated, engaged, and have a higher overall learning ability.

Good Start Childcare Early Learning Centre Melbourne

good start childcare early learning centre melbourne

1800 222 543

Early Learning & Childcare at Goodstart

At Goodstart, we are committed to giving every child the best possible start in life. Our quality early learning programs help children build the social-emotional, language and thinking skills they need to succeed in school and life. Children are encouraged to explore, discover, experience, and, above all, have fun. So give your child the best start in life with Goodstart.

We're for children, not profit.

At Goodstart, we're all about laying the foundation for better lives through great early learning experiences. We're entirely Australian owned and not-for-profit, with every dollar we spend directed towards helping children reach their full potential. Everything we do contributes to a better outlook for Australia's children and a happier, more prosperous society.

We make every moment count

Right from birth, children are ready to learn. At Goodstart, we employ the most up-to-date thinking in early childhood education to create stimulating, age-appropriate learning environments that give children a secure base and the confidence to explore.

We take safety seriously.

Yes, we offer plenty of opportunities to get messy, explore, and try new things. However, we also follow strict health and safety guidelines, keep our first-aid qualifications current and ensure our comprehensive child safety policies and procedures are followed at all times.

We have a big heart.

Goodstart is a social enterprise. We reach out to all families and communities, especially those facing disadvantage, we embrace and celebrate diversity, and we speak up for those children and families at risk of being left behind.

Astra Learning Childcare Early Learning Centre Melbourne

astra early learning centre melbourne

03 9646 6140

Delivering Quality Care and Education

We are located in the beautiful beachside suburb of Port Melbourne.

Astra Early Learning is proud to be owned by an experienced and qualified kindergarten teacher who truly understands the care and education young children need.

That is why we do things differently.

We believe the best way for you to find the right early learning centre or kindergarten for your family is to have a tour, meet the team and ask lots of questions.

At Astra Early Learning, we are proud to offer both a Beach Kinder and a Bush Kinder program for our kindergarten children.

We recognise that children living in the inner suburbs, like Port Melbourne, may not have the opportunity to spend a lot of time outdoors. Research demonstrates this leads to the early onset of mental health problems in children as young as 3, including anxiety. Children's behaviour is also significantly impacted as we are spending more time indoors than previous generations.

At Astra Early Learning, we understand the benefits of connecting with nature and supporting children's learning. Children will have the opportunity to explore, connect and learn with nature every week.

Our qualified Kindergarten Teacher also runs a Beach Kinder Program and a Bush Kinder Program along with our School Readiness Program.

Our children also learn French, Italian and Spanish and practice daily mindfulness, yoga and wellbeing.

Safety and security is a priority at Astra Early Learning, and as such, we have security coded entrances and video monitoring systems to ensure our environment is secure at all times.

Tullamarine Childcare Early Learning Centre Melbourne

tullamarine childcare early learning centre melbourne

03 9338 0999

Delivering Exceptional Quality Care and Education

At Tullamarine Early Learning Centre, we deliver exceptional quality care and education for children aged six weeks to six years and includes a fully accredited kindergarten program.

Our dedicated team of educators deliver play-based learning programs that foster a love of learning in a safe and welcoming environment. Our programs are designed to be emergent in nature and are guided by the children's interests.

Our learning programs are further extended by our events calendar, which includes a range of excursions, incursions, community events, and cultural celebrations throughout the year to facilitate an inclusive and holistic understanding of the wider world.

Children's learning and daily routines are documented and delivered via a safe and secure electronic platform to ensure families are informed and involved in their child's day.

Along with our purpose-built facilities that have been thoughtfully designed to create positive and enriched learning experiences, we provide healthy and nutritious meals every day, and our talented cook can cater for any dietary requirement.

We invite you to tour our centre and learn more about our high-quality curriculum and learning environments.

ullamarine Early Learning has a clear goal of 'raising the bar' in Early Childhood Education, with our Educational Program & Practice and Relationships with Children rated as exceeding, as assessed by the National Early Childhood Governing body of ACECQA. Our purpose-built facilities have been thoughtfully designed to create positive and enriched learning experiences; our playgrounds are shady, abundant and provide numerous learning opportunities.

Caring for children from three months to school age, your child will develop their skills and confidence in natural and open-ended environments. We pride ourselves on offering healthy and nutritious meals where no one goes hungry while offering experiences that grow young minds such as music, language and sport.

Our play-based learning programs are designed to inspire your child's love of learning, exploration and curiosity. With highly skilled and dedicated staff, children who attend our centre will receive the very best start to life and foster a love of learning.

Fitzroy Childcare Early Learning Centre Melbourne

fitzroy early learning centre childcare melbourne

03 8390 1133

Our Philosophy

Across all our centres, we implement our own centre philosophy – or guiding principles that inform our everyday practises – that are developed with our children, families, educators, and teachers.

Our People

We are everything because of our people. We approach all our work with people with respect, ethics, integrity and empathy. We collaborate, communicate and make decisions WITH people. Our village is made up of children, families, and teaching teams that empower each other to share their voices in the child's best interest.

A Place of Learning

At Fitzroy Early Learning Centre, we believe that learning is for life and that it should never stop. Education can equip a child or an adult with the know-how, skills and confidence to make life-changing decisions. We aim to allow our children, their families and our team of educators to learn through acquiring new skills and ongoing education.

Inquiry-based Learning

Inquiry-based learning promotes the child's role in the learning process and invites them to actively engage with an idea or topic instead of passively sitting and listening to a teacher. The overall goal of an inquiry-based approach is for students to make meaning of what they are learning about and to understand how a concept works in a real-world context.

The inquiry approach is sometimes known as project-based or experiential learning. To learn about a topic, children are encouraged to explore resources, ask questions and share ideas. Then, the teacher helps the child apply new concepts to different contexts, allowing them to discover knowledge for themselves by exploring, experiencing, questioning, and discussing as they go.

Footscray Childcare Early Learning Centre Melbourne

footscray early learning center gallery 2021 09 03 22 48

(03) 9939 0777

Footscray Early Learning Centre is a well respected and trusted quality care and education facility in the Melbourne suburb of Footscray, only 6km west of Melbourne CBD.

We provide quality settings with detailed, age-specific resources to enrich the development and education of your child. The five years of a child's life significantly affects their learning, health and well-being. Therefore, we provide children with opportunities to learn, grow, play, build relationships and to develop positive social skills, giving your child the possibility to thrive and excel. Our educators are qualified and caring and are committed to ongoing training to better their skills and knowledge within the industry.

We have a structured and comprehensive curriculum to support and enhance young children's learning. Footscray Early Learning Centre programs are unique and tailored to suit your child's age and development stage. The service environment is bright and inviting, and our Directors and Educators are helpful, welcoming and willing to provide you with any information you require.

We ensure that a safe and nurturing environment is provided filled with encouragement, attention and affection. We encourage you to bring your child in for a visit and familiarise both yourself and your child with our educators, centre and facilities. We aim to provide continuity of care between home and our centre to ensure that your child/ren is respected and comfortable in our services. Our aim is to offer high quality, affordable long daycare where we recognise and embrace individual personalities, cultures and family values.

Let's watch, talk and listen with your child during these important early years.

Playing is the complex work of childhood and the care we provide (and advocate for) both guides and honours the learning that plays offer. However, as loving early years professionals, we also recognise and respect your child's unique interests.

We don't rush children through this time. However, everything they do – from what they learn to the relationships they build and the challenges they navigate lays a foundation for their future. We are here to help them and you through these years and believe that the care your family receives at Footscray Early Learning Centre will span a lifetime.

Nino Childcare Early Learning Centre Melbourne

nino childcare early learning centre melbourne

(03) 9421 6755

Exceptional childcare centres and kindergartens

Family owned and operated, and we provide idyllic early learning centres across Melbourne where every child is cherished and empowered to become brave, creative, resilient and kind.

Everything we do is about providing the best start for every child. Our purpose-built centres and learning environments are thoughtfully designed to appeal to the curious nature of children. Our holistic approach to curriculum and nutritionally developed seasonal menus ensure children are nourished and inspired to reach their full learning potential.

We guide, respect, and support children aged six weeks to six years with dedicated and passionate educators. This is a unique place for children to explore, learn, investigate, discover, create and have fun.

There's always more to explore at Niño

Our enhancement programs provide a world of experiences for children to extend their discovery. Our specialist classes include physical education, Spanish language, mindfulness, yoga and music.

Championing children and all they can be

Niño's mindful curriculum is built around flexible indoor and outdoor learning environments. Working together with families, we create individual learning programs that consider interests, physical, personal, social and emotional well-being, and cognitive aspects of learning.

Guided by the Early Years Learning Framework of Australia, our unique education curriculum harnesses the theory of emergent learning and the science of positive psychology.

Educational experiences

Thoughtfully curated, our curriculum gives every child the opportunity to have meaningful learning experiences that incorporate their emerging interests to reach their full potential.

Thoughtfully designed centres

Every Niño Early Learning Adventures centre is as unique as the community it is a part of. By keeping the needs of children central to the heart of what we do, we purposefully design, build and choose resources that enable children to explore their environment and interact with one another confidently.


Niño Early Learning Adventures takes pride in supporting our children and families in instilling sustainable values that inform attitudes and drive thinking behaviour for sustainable practices, both within the service and home environment. We support this by introducing experiences that will support growth and help our little Niño's to flourish.

At Niño ELA, our sustainable practices ranging from recycling and waste management, water conservation, energy conservation, learning how to garden and composting.

Enhancement Programs

We provide a world of experiences for children to extend their discovery. Our specialist classes include physical education, Spanish language, mindfulness, yoga and music.

Creative Garden Early Learning Centre Melbourne

creative garden early learning centre melbourne

1800 517 075

Creative Garden Early Education Tullamarine is located at the entrance to Tullamarine Airport, just behind Mercedes Benz. Our care and education centre provides long daycare to 120 children with funded programs and highly qualified educators.

The centre has beautiful playgrounds, and our younger children have adjoining sleeping rooms. The building is modern, purpose-built and' state of the art' and has just undergone a major upgrade.

We are conveniently located near the Tullamarine freeway exit and Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport. All Creative Garden Early Education centres have a qualified chef who prepares all meals on-site with fresh market ingredients. The activities organised for the children in our care are simply amazing, with quality that exceeds even the best daycare centre levels.

Our commitment to quality child care has the industry's best staff aspiring to be employed with us. We understand the importance of consistency and stability with your carer and aim to have the highest staff retention rates in the industry. Individual children's cultural, religious and nutritional needs are catered for, and we encourage communication from parents who like to check on their child's progress throughout the day. We know how important the decision is as to where you are going to leave your child or baby, and we guarantee to make your daycare experience full of fun and happiness. So if you are passing by, drop in and say hello and let us show you around.

Only About Children Early Learning Centre Melbourne

only about children early learning centre melbourne

138 622

Our holistic early learning program is specially designed to give your child the best start to life with more programs and more inclusions.

Only About Children has over a decade of experience in early years education and childcare. Privately owned, we proudly operate over 70 campuses across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. This breadth gives us the opportunity to provide high-quality early years education and care to over 8,000 families. It employs over 2,000 people whose skills, experience and passion help us to deliver on our mission to empower every child to reach their full potential.

It's our unique approach to childcare that gives children the platform they need to thrive. It's an approach that goes beyond education to encompass the health, development and total wellbeing of every child in our care.

Our Vision

To be the leading holistic early learning provider in our communities through education, development & wellbeing.

We want to be the best – helping each child to reach their potential

We care about our community – and the extended family this provides

We focus on holistic development – encompassing education, health and wellbeing

We aim to support, engage and develop our people – by actively investing in their wellbeing and future aspirations.

Our Mission

We empower every child to reach their full potential through a passion for learning.

We create safe, nurturing and stimulating environments – in which a child can grow and develop.

We work with every child – to develop their unique potential

We boast a brilliantly diverse and inspiring team – who, while learning and growing, are making a difference in a way that really matters.

Apple Blossoms Childcare Early Learning Centre Melbourne

apple blossoms childcare early learning centre melbourne

03 9699 5210

We understand how important it is when deciding who to entrust your child to when choosing child care. Therefore, we aim to provide the very best of what we feel are the most important things families need.

We have a very strong focus on nutrition – our resident Naturopath has tailored high quality, nutrient-rich food, especially for growing young people.

Our education philosophy draws from the Reggio Emilia and Montessori approach in developing our own program in readying your child for school.

Environments, both inside and outside, are the engine rooms of your child's learning. So we have carefully designed these areas where children can explore and research their ideas – just through play.

Our Nutrition

We aim to instil in all children the importance of maintaining a lifelong respectful relationship with food with a particular focus on nutrition & sustainability. It is important children understand where food comes from, and we use fresh produce from our own vegetable gardens wherever possible.

Our Environment

At Apple Blossoms, we strive to provide an environment where children, families, and staff feel at home. Our environment inspires creativity, provides a place of wonder and excitement, and it allows children to develop at their own rate.

Learning & Education

At Apple Blossoms Early Learning, we are passionate about the learning journey the children and Educators go on every day while they spend time in our environment. Our curriculum is grounded in the Early Years Learning Framework and inspired by Reggio Emilia.

Journey Childcare Early Learning Centre Melbourne

journey childcare early learning centre melbourne


Journey Early Learning Centre Templestowe is where your child's journey begins. We provide a nurturing environment filled with curiosity, wonder and joy. It's a place where children aged from six weeks to six years of age can make a positive start to a life of learning, development, growth and opportunity.

Inspiring curiosity and joy

Journey Templestowe is a warm and welcoming centre designed around your little explorer and nature-based play. Our outdoor play area has two undercover playgrounds with sandpits, surrounded by native and edible gardens where our little adventurers can get messy in the dirt. We've also renovated our kitchen so we can prepare healthy and delicious Wholesome Child meals onsite. All in all, it's the perfect space for little explorers who have a natural sense of curiosity and yearning for adventure.

Connected to the community

We love to connect with our local community; that's why we invite organisations like the Police and SES over to our centre. Our little adventurers love these interactive learning experiences. One of their other favourites is Happy Feet, a dance and learning program. We also run regular date nights and family breakfasts inspired by Wholesome Child.

Our Rooms

Our little explorers thrive here at the journey in classrooms where everyone is of a similar age and development, where shared learning can occur, and strong friendships can develop. On top of that, every Kinder Room has an experienced and Bachelor qualified Early Childhood Teacher (ECT).

Nursery Room 0-2 Years

The nursery is a calm, quiet, and, above all, safe space where young children can enjoy one-on-one moments with educators, develop their connections, build trust and have all their daily care needs to be met.

Nursery Room children love to explore their immediate environment. We encourage them to use their senses to discover and build their knowledge.

Opportunities are provided for children to explore their emerging self-recognition, with mirrors, photos and educator reinforcement.

Toddler Room 2-3 Years

If your child is between two and three years old, they're officially in our Toddler Room. Here, the identity of each child is beginning to emerge, and they are starting to see themselves as independent beings. They begin to explore through touch, to see what they like and how things work around them.

Pre-Kinder Room 3-4 Years

Pre-Kinder children are emerging from their individual bubble and venturing into the world, socialising with others, and developing more meaningful friendships.

Kinder Room 4-5 Years

And finally, we have the Kinder Room taught by an experienced and bachelor-qualified, Early Childhood Teacher. In the Kinder Room, children see themselves as part of the wider world, resulting in a deeper exploration of challenging and imaginative topics. All our play spaces encourage this by providing varied and interesting resources and materials for our children to experiment and explore.

City Kids Childcare Early Learning Centre Melbourne

city kids childcare early learning centre melbourne

03 9034 7095

City Kids Early Learning Centre first opened its doors in April 2010. We started with the vision of providing exceptional quality care and education, and that vision continues to this day. In addition, this privately-owned centre embodies the spirit of community and a sense of belonging, not only for our families but for the wonderful staff we employ. This vision and sense of community and belonging have made City Kids a high standing early learning centre within the heart of Melbourne.

Throughout our centre, you will find dedicated and passionate staff who provide a nurturing and secure environment that allows children to reach their full potential. In addition to this, our focus is on providing rich learning opportunities through play and teacher-led experiences. Informed by the National and Victorian Frameworks (EYLF & VEYLF), we strive to achieve the fundamentals of the Framework, which are Being, Belonging and Becoming. We do this in partnership with our families, the most significant educators in a child's life.

Our Curriculum

Our long daycare centre offers a high-quality educational program for children aged birth through to school age.

Curriculum decisions are sensitively tailored to each individual child, and educators implement responsive and meaningful learning experiences to spark a lifelong love of learning for every child.

With an Educational program designed and overseen by Teachers, our Educators support children's learning by providing opportunities for children to:

  • Investigate and discover
  • Invent, imagine and create
  • Build relationships and grow in the community
  • Experience independence and agency
  • Solve problems and grow in confidence
  • Practice literacy, numeracy and life skills

Early Years Learning Framework

The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) is a government initiative that outlines a national curriculum for children from birth to school-age children. City Kids Early Learning Centre has embraced this initiative, embedding it into our curriculum.

The EYLF is an 'outcomes based' curriculum, including outcomes based around 'identity, 'community', 'wellbeing', 'communication' and 'learning'. We actively promote and plan activities based around these outcomes in collaboration with children and families.

To read more about the EYLF please see the link below:

Every child is seen as a capable and resourceful learner, and their learning is supported holistically as Educators consider children's unique dispositions towards learning.

Families are valued as a child's first and most influential teacher, so partnerships are critical, and we welcome your input and value in collaborating with you in your child's learning journey. Our program is centred on these positive and trusting relationships.

We engage as an active part of our community and see our children as valued, contributing community members. We use the opportunity to go on walking excursions into our community and give children a voice in decisions and matters affecting them.

We provide high quality, the play-based program which encompasses a range of holistic, active, hands-on learning opportunities for every child. Each child's learning is supported through a sensitive balance of intentional teaching practices and responsive interactions by our team of qualified, experienced, nurturing Educators.

Pedagogical programs and documentation are displayed in the rooms and through our digital programming platform "Storypark" as a means of keeping families informed of their child's engagement in the program.

Windermere Childcare Early Learning Centre Melbourne

windermere early learning centre melbourne

1300 946 337

Everyone is someone in our community

Windermere is an independent community service organisation working across southeast Victoria to help those who need it most. Since our beginning more than 150 years ago, we have created a stronger, more connected and supported community.

Our support comes in many forms as we work together to find the right solutions for the many and varied, complex issues faced by children, families and individuals in our community.

We aim to get in early by providing programs and services within these primary areas:

  1. Family Wellbeing to create positive behavioural changes, greater understanding and response to violence and neglect.
  2. Childhood Development, Education & Support including child care and services for children and adults with developmental delays and disability
  3. Assistance and support for victims of trauma, assault and violent crime
  4. Community Strengthening is designed to respond quickly to critical and emerging needs.

Whilst we receive funding for some services from state and federal governments, others are funded solely by donors and sponsors to whom we are truly grateful.

We believe that everyone is someone in our community, which is reflected in our approach with those we work with every day.

Achieving the best outcome for you is at the heart of everything we do

We work closely with you and your family to identify and understand what is most important. Then, together, we work to develop realistic personal goals and targets that matter to you; we use your strengths and capabilities to help you reach them.

With the benefit and continuity of one dedicated specialist, you'll also receive access to the expertise of our entire team. This team understand your immediate and long term goals and are committed to helping you get there.

We are committed to ensuring your health and well-being goals are met effectively through our practical and measured approach.

Giraffe Childcare Early Learning Centre Melbourne

giraffe childcare early learning centre melbourne

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The Centre Owner and staff are committed to providing children and families with a coordinated approach to a warm, nurturing and engaging environment that celebrates diversity and the right of every child to have access to high-quality care regardless of their individual needs.

We understand the important role the centre plays in nurturing and educating the children in our care. Through our staff development, loving relationships based on trust and security are formed. However, your children come first, and meeting their needs is our priority. We aim to provide an environment where your children can grow and develop to their full potential.

For you as parents, we endeavour to provide a flexible environment that best suits your needs. Our opening hours are designed to ensure that you can meet your work commitments, knowing that your children are safe and secure in child care with us. Each of our team members will discuss with you how best to work with your child – their likes, dislikes and particular interests and needs.

Our open-door policy invites you to call in whenever you wish to spend time with your child. We also seek your feedback on our centre operations to ensure that we meet your and your child's needs.

One of our parents commented, "We currently have two boys at Giraffe. One is in the preschool room, while the youngest is in the nursery. The staff are so welcoming, friendly and supportive of us as a family and both boys individually. Both boys love going each day and are stimulated and challenged with the various programs. While I can't be at home with the boys full time, it is reassuring to know that they are somewhere where they are cared for, loved and supported".

At Giraffe Early Learning Centre – Docklands, we provide a warm and welcoming, safe, and creative atmosphere where all children and their families feel confident and relaxed.

We believe all members of the Giraffe Early Learning Centre Community are individuals, bringing with them a variety of skills, knowledge and understanding related to their unique experiences in life. These characteristics are a large influence when programming is implemented. We are working with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), where the community is valued, and families are encouraged to become involved with the centre. We encourage a positive and strong link between home and Giraffe Early Learning Centre. The main theme of the EYLF is Belonging Being and Becoming.

We value uniqueness and nurture future growth by embracing the individual, recognising areas of interest, developing respectful interactions, providing positive guidance, supporting ongoing learning, offering inclusive programs and promoting self-help skills and teamwork.

Giraffe Early Learning Centre Docklands offers quality childcare in the Docklands and surrounding areas. Catering for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, our Docklands childcare centre encourages a daycare environment that makes the children feel safe whilst enjoying the freedom to express themselves as individuals. In addition, our Childcare Centre provides nutritional meals, nappies, and a strong foundation for early education.

With Childcare being a changing landscape of procedures, research and information, Giraffe Early Learning Centre's staff are constantly reading and learning new information and skills to keep abreast of the latest developments. We believe knowledge and understanding of child development are essential.

All staff are at varying levels of further education and are encouraged and supported by the Centre Owner.

Our staff are professional, nurturing, sensitive and committed to the well being of the children and parents of Giraffe Early Learning Centre. Your children's needs come first, and meeting their needs is our priority.

Our staff also attend regular training days throughout the year, enabling them to initiate new programs and systems and incorporate them into our centre.

Kimmba Childcare Early Learning Centre Melbourne

kimmba childcare early learning centre melbourne

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Kimmba Bilingual Learning Inc. was a not-for-profit association organised by Jo Jo Bilingual Education Program founder Mrs. Marisha Theeboom, and had the help of a group of volunteer mothers with professional backgrounds as committee members.

Without their hard work, professional knowledge in their own specific areas, and strong support since 2007, we wouldn't have this wonderful, educational bilingual early learning centre today, which has been specially set up for Melbourne's young learners since 2012 at St Kilda East.

Our Mission

The bilingual early learning program developed by Marisha Theeboom also helps participant children and their families understand other cultures, thus promoting community cohesion and harmony.

Kimmba Bilingual Early Learning Centre is the first long daycare service in Australia that offers 4 languages spontaneously to children daily. Its multilingual program aims at the acceptance of families and children who come from different nationalities and backgrounds and who speak different languages because we believe that a society that accepts its peoples' colours, races, languages, and even religions is a successful, well-functioning society and one in which we would like our children to live and grow. This aim has exceeded the NQF and reached the NS outcomes beyond DET assessors can measure with their standard assessment tool.

As migrants, we would like to see multiculturalism in Australia continue to succeed and in doing so, promote the diversities of the world's cultures without any language barriers.

To run a successful early learning language program, we need lots of support. At Kimmba, we are actively engaged in community work. For example, we've supported the Alannah and Madeline silent auction fundraising event in 2014. We are always open to new ideas of gaining ongoing support from our sponsors to continuously provide the unique bilingual early learning program for young learners and their families. Please let us know if you are interested in supporting us in running our preschool language education program.

Boulevards Childcare Early Learning Centre Melbourne

boulevards childcare early learning centre melbourne


At BELC, we feel that every child is unique and special and deserves much more than 'child care' but has a sense of belonging which enrich their lives with joy and laughter.

We offer:

  • Large playgrounds
  • Healthy fruit and vegetables (sometimes our kids grow themselves)
  • Extracurricular activities such as soccer, happy feet
  • Large learning and play facilities to allow children to use their imagination and develop social and communication skills
  • 3 year and 4 year old kinder programs
  • Literacy and numeracy programs
  • Bilingual educators that will help your child transition

We've always believed that when you want to make those precious early years truly special, there's nothing more important than filling them with joy and laughter.

To make it happen we've created a welcoming local early childhood family service that's all about bringing your little ones into the community. By tailoring our childcare to their specific needs, we ensure there's everything they need to grow and thrive:

  • Fun-filled playgrounds ready and waiting to be explored
  • Plenty of fresh fruit and veg for them to enjoy
  • Activities that get them moving and having fun
  • Literacy and numeracy programs plus a host of creative experiences
  • By taking the passion of our founder and her ability to work the latest development research into her approach, we make every child feel welcome. It's an approach that allowed us to service Glen Waverley and the surrounding area for more than 15 years through a combination of indoor and outdoor learning.

To ensure we provide nothing but the very best learning opportunities for your little ones, we deliver care and education with the help of well-qualified teachers who have a real passion for development. The result is a thriving space run by a trusted and respected local family who know exactly what every parent needs.

And because we know the pressures of being a parent, we're always available to answer any questions you may have. It's the least we can do, and it's all about showing you what the best daycare centre in Glen Waverley is all about.

When you choose us you're supporting the local community and creating opportunities for people to do more. We cannot thank you enough.

Tailored learning for each age group

The first five years of a child's life are fundamentally important. Early life experiences have a direct impact on how children develop learning skills as well as social and emotional abilities. As educators we embrace the privilege of witnessing and shaping a child's growth, development, happiness and learning achievement.

Little Lane Childcare Early Learning Centre Melbourne

little lane childcare early learning centre melbourne

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Why is Little Lane different?

Little Lane Early Learning Centre Hawthorn is Melbourne's newest and most unique early learning centre. From your first interaction with us, you'll notice that Little Lane Early Learning Centre Hawthorn is not your typical child care and daycare centre. At Little Lane, we believe that the early years of childhood form the foundation for how we experience and interact with the world throughout the rest of our journey. It's in our early years that we learn how to learn. That's why at Little Lane Early Learning – Hawthorn, we're passionate about providing high-quality early childhood education and care programs that give children opportunities to explore, investigate and inquire about the world around them.

Little Lane Early Learning Centre Hawthorn, is a family-owned and operated Early Learning Centre, providing high-quality long day care, kindergarten and early learning programs for children aged 0 to 6 years old. Our unique, custom-designed building features large classrooms flooded with natural light and directly accessible to the outdoor learning areas, as well as a purpose-built Atelier art studio, dance and music room and children's library. Our environments and specialised early learning programs are specifically designed to encourage children to explore the world around them and inspire a sense of awe and wonder that will promote ongoing inquiry and a life-long love of learning that they can carry throughout their entire education journey.

Little Lane Early Learning Centre is a family-owned early childhood education and care service located in Hawthorn, Melbourne. Little Lane Early Learning Centre is a purpose-built, state of the art facility with a dedicated art studio, large open classrooms flooded with natural light, outdoor learning classrooms, a purpose-built dance floor, and so much more. With access to the best facilities and the best resources, our qualified early childhood educators will be able to support your child in building a strong foundation and a lifelong love of learning in the years before starting school.

Our philosophy and practice are strongly based on a socio-cultural theory, building strong, authentic and respectful relationships with each child and their family to understand and support their learning and developmental journey truly.

Our Values

At Little Lane Early Learning Centre, we value each child as a competent learner on their own unique journey shaped by their own context and family. We value the early years of each child's life as the formative years, in which we have the opportunity to build the foundations of strong brains through meaningful play-based learning in order to promote a lifelong love of learning.

We acknowledge and respect the diversity and history of the land on which we operate and throughout our community, particularly that of the Traditional Owners, the Wurundjeri Tribe.

Community Kids Childcare Early Learning Centre Melbourne

community kids childcare early learning centre melbourne

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By combining a strong learning program, qualified educators and a safe, stimulating child care environment, we create meaningful experiences for your child every day.

Our approach

Our approach to early childhood education and care centralises the child as an active agent in their own learning, valuing the individual identity each child brings to our child care and early education centres. We recognise the significance of building meaningful relationships between families, carers and educators as fundamental in supporting the learning and development of all children.

The importance of the first five years

Throughout the first five years, children develop more rapidly than at any other stage in their lives. Significant developmental milestones occur as children progress from sitting to standing, cooing to conversations, and being largely dependent to independent.

Engaging with peers and educators in an early childhood education environment designed and resourced specifically for young children provides an optimal setting to develop skills, dispositions and a love for learning.

Our Learning Program

The learning program delivered at our child care and early education centres is underpinned by the principles, practices and outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework and the G8 Practice Statements. Our team provides a program to engage, excite and extend children, ensuring their enquiring minds and evolving skills and strengths are expanded through play-based experiences.

Our inclusive program recognises the unique existing knowledge, experience, abilities, interests and culture each child brings to our child care and early education centres, maximising the learning potential of all children. Our educators plan and implement various experiences across varied learning areas, including literacy, mathematics, STEM, the arts and sustainability. As a result, children have opportunities to become effective communicators, strengthen their self-identity and wellbeing and be active contributors to their world.

The learning environment

We understand the importance of creating aesthetically inviting environments designed to optimise learning opportunities for all children. The physical environment becomes a third teacher, guiding children's play, rest and learning, and provides a critical foundation for children's holistic development. When our educators plan and create play spaces for children, messages are communicated about their importance on children and their learning.

Both the indoor and outdoor environments are designed to provide children with the agency, promote curiosity and encourage active participation in play. In addition, in response to children's needs to unwind and relax, we provide calm and quiet spaces to support sleep and rest requirements.

Children learn most effectively when they are entirely invested in their own learning. Therefore, our environments are purposefully planned to encompass a diverse range of areas, inviting children to initiate their own learning as they inquire, investigate and pursue their interests. An intentional combination of play spaces with open-ended resources and provocations that spark curiosity leads to imaginative, innovative and creative play. In addition, we ensure children are afforded sufficient time to engage in shared conversations as they build friendships, problem-solve, share in the joy and challenges of play with others, and explore new ideas.

We maintain a strong commitment to creating an environment that supports children to feel safe and secure so they can fully participate and have complete access to our program. In addition, educators work together with families and other professionals to support children with additional needs, catering for their individual learning requirements. Dedicated to ensuring an inclusive and equitable program, our team will endeavour to adapt the environment, resources and pedagogies to ensure the successful inclusion of all children within our child care and early education centres.

How we support children's learning across every area

Experiencing a diverse program embracing a wide variety of learning areas extends upon children's interests and provides a breadth of experiences to open new avenues for children to discover. Local specialists are often invited to enrich our program, supporting children's learning in specific areas through interactive demonstrations, performances or displays. In addition, our experienced educators plan and implement programs to build children's confidence as learners.

Alpha Childcare Early Learning Centre Melbourne

alpha childcare early learning centre melbourne

(03) 9429 1488

Alpha is a community-based child care service offering long day care and kindergarten programs to families in the City of Yarra and surrounding suburbs. The centre offers competitive fees, quality services provided by highly trained and experienced educators and is conveniently located near Melbourne CBD.

Alpha Early Learning Centre offers full-time and part-time care to preschool children from 3 months to 5 years, offering high-quality programs and learning experiences for all children within a safe and caring environment. In addition, Alpha provides a Greek bilingual program and offers a multicultural program celebrating the different cultures. The centre is registered with the Department of Education and Training. Eligible families can access the childcare subsidy through the Department of Human Services.

Alpha Early Learning Centre Offers Families:

  • Spacious playgrounds
  • Music, dance and other health and wellbeing programs
  • Family atmosphere and established partnerships with families and the community
  • Parent resource library
  • Nutritional home-cooked meals with a multicultural food menu
  • Computer education
  • Transition to school for kindergarten children
  • Parenting program and education
  • Counselling support for parents

Incursions And Excursions

  • Special visits, including Indigenous Aborigines
  • Puppet theatre, music groups, animal farm
  • Life Cycle Program

Commitment to diversity and community

Our dedicated caregivers take their responsibility for the physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth and development of young children attending the centre seriously. We are committed to providing a service that prepares all children for their future life in an ever-changing, multicultural world and increasingly diverse society. Through its Greek Bilingual and multicultural programs, Alpha Early Learning Centre endeavours to instil a sense of pride in the children's heritage and understand and accept other cultures and diversity.

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