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What are the pros and cons of baby monitors?

Many parents feel that a baby video monitor is an expensive and ultimately unnecessary luxury, and they’re right. You don’t need a video monitor. That said, there are many excellent and even surprising reasons why I might want one. For those who can swallow the added expense, the unexpected benefits of one-click baby-surveillance may just outweigh the cost.

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Pros of Wireless Baby Monitors:

Certainly, a number may be in a different room when your child is asleep. Whether you need to cook or want to take some time for yourself, you don’t want to move your child up. With child monitoring, you can close the door to your child’s room, and you don’t have to run it every five minutes to verify it.

Our 3G Child Monitor allows video monitoring, so instead of regular audio monitoring, you can also see your baby at the table. If he suddenly wakes up and starts crying, you can turn it off with your voice or touch it.

It is perfect for travelling since your baby usually falls asleep long before you. You may enjoy dinner at a hotel restaurant and keep an eye on your child at the same time. Child Monitoring 3G works with LTE / 3G or Wi-Fi and the distance between Baby Station, and Parent Station is unlimited. In addition, only two smart devices (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) are a great unwanted advantage.

As communication between the father and the child is central during the most vulnerable stage of the child’s development, it is a very important advantage. You, as a parent, can communicate with your child without interruption. Monitoring helps keep you connected as a parent and your child. This way, you can keep in touch with your child even if you are in a different room than your child’s.

The ability of the monitors according to, in particular, is to provide a vision and sound that allows you as a parent to monitor your child and make time, prepare dinner or keep up with one or another important responsibility in the house. 

Lack of monitoring can result in you taking the child again and again and, therefore, causing an alteration in your child’s sleep pattern. With monitoring, you are always in contact with a parent and your baby, and there is no need to interfere with your child unnecessarily.

Another advantage is the simplicity of these products these days. It is not necessary to hire someone to configure it for you. You can do it with the easiest for you.

In addition, there is no need to worry when it is dark because the crystalline video and night vision functions allow you as a parent to see all of your child’s movements.

As a parent, you certainly want to sleep with a calm heart, do unrestricted tasks or attend work without worrying about your child. It’s just like the monitors offer: peace of mind.

It is beneficial to monitor Wi-Fi if you prefer as a parent since you can monitor your child where he is. You must make sure you have your mobile device at all times.

May be useful when caring. As 3G Child monitoring allows the support of several parents, both parents (and other family members) can monitor their children at the same time.

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Cons of Wireless Baby Monitors:

While each child’s engineers and developers monitor their efforts to ensure they deliver the most reliable monitors, after all, it is a device or application. It can operate 99.9%; however, it is only a technology that fails, like our phone, our computer, our car, etc.

Therefore, you can buy monitors with technical errors. This can be considered a disadvantage.

Another disadvantage for some people is that the products can be considered very expensive. However, it is important to balance your child’s safety with the cost of the product.

If the parents’ preference for Wi-Fi monitoring decreases, one of the disadvantages is when entering the Internet connection. The link between you and your child is automatically broken. This is a cause for concern for some parents.

Monitor your kid without being at home

Some video monitors will connect through WIFI. Giving the possibility to watch the video feed from the internet securely.

This feature is appreciated by parents who have different work hours—allowing the working parents to check on his loved one.

It’s also reassuring if you are nervous about leaving your kid with a family member or the babysitter for the first time. This is not about trusting the individual or not. But for being able to see and talk to your kid if he needs reassurance. Also, to be reassured that everything is going smoothly at home while you enjoy a well-deserved special dinner.

Some parents even still use it with older children to see if they are doing their homework or chores.

Take a relaxing shower

Maybe you don’t know yet, but taking a shower while your baby is napping is an extreme sport. You have to be quick and always on the lookout. It just doesn’t feel relaxing as it should. I can tell you from my experience, even if I was sure that my baby was asleep, I could hear noise (real or fake), and I was so nervous. Sometimes I also forget to rinse my hair.

The sound of the shower could be interfering with noise from an audio monitor. But, with a video monitor, you only have to peak at the screen to see if your baby is still asleep.

Of course, you can survive without a proper shower, but sometime it could be the only 5 minutes you have for the entire day to relax.

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Convenient Reassurance

The obvious benefit of a video monitor is the ability to see your baby. One-click provides anxious mothers with a peace of mind that normally only comes with actually laying eyes on their sweet little dreamer. For many, that peace of mind alone is a luxury worth paying for.

Of course, you can always check in on your baby in person, but a video monitor will save you a lot of legwork, especially in those early months where every unfamiliar sound from baby’s crib feels like cause for concern. A quick check of the monitor offers all the reassurance of a sneak peek without the risk of starting your little one, and all from the comfort of your own well-deserved bed.

Video monitors also promote sleep safety by allowing for more frequent check-ins, especially during daytime naps when parents may hesitate to step inside the nursery for fear of waking the baby sooner than expected.

By simply checking the monitor periodically, parents can ensure their child is sleeping comfortably and identify any potential safety hazards, such as loose swaddling or trapped limbs—problems that they may not have noticed if the baby continued to sleep quietly.

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Check on your baby easily

Anxious parents, like me, can get reassured in one click. You can do multiple checks on your baby without having to move. This is an excellent help to a mom who just got their new baby.

Parents use to get this peace of mind by checking on their little sleeper in person. A video baby monitor will save you the trip to the nursery to lay an eye on your precious baby. Also, you will avoid the risk of waking your little one.

The video monitor will come very handy during naps. At first, the unfamiliar noise coming from your baby’s crib can get you worried. You don’t have to hesitate to check on your baby, for fear of waking the baby too soon. You can get a sneak peek, without stepping into the bedroom.

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Sleep Training

Toddlers are born manipulators. This term may have a somewhat negative connotation, but like it or not, its meaning applies. They want your attention, and they know how to get it—cue the pouty face and the big, fat crocodile tears. More often than not, your little one is just fine. They just want to be with you. Of course, it’s very difficult to assure yourself of this when your baby sounds like a wailing siren. What if something is actually wrong?

This is the moment you’ll wish you had a video monitor.

No matter what method you choose, sleep training is a difficult process. While the cry-it-out method may not be for everyone, it can be a very effective, if somewhat painful, way to teach your child to go to bed. A video monitor can be tremendously helpful, allowing parents to make confident judgments as to whether or not their child is actually in need of their attention while ensuring their safety at all times.

See what your baby is doing

When you have an audio baby monitor, all strange noises from the monitor could force you to stop what you are doing to listen more carefully. That little pause, investigating if it is just a false alarm, can be avoided with a video baby monitor.

By opening the camera, you can determine if your baby needs your help right now. This is more of a guessing game with audio-only.

Monitoring Older Children

While introducing your child to their first big-kid bed can be fun, keeping them in it may prove anything but. While some children adapt well, others will take the opportunity to quietly catch up on some quality playtime in their room or even swing by yours to say hello. A video monitor can be a big help during this transition period, especially if your little one has suddenly discovered they have far more interesting things to do than sleep.

Have an escape artist on your hands? Typically, children have all the fun of sneaking out of bed undetected and creeping all the way down the hall before getting caught and accompanied back to bed—a great game by any three-year-old’s standards. But with the help of a video monitor, they’re yours the second they step out of bed, decreasing the fun factor considerably. Chances are, they’ll give up the game sooner rather than later.

Check if your kid is really sleeping

When it’s time to go to bed, some kids refuse to stop playing. Even after you close the light, they could sneak out of bed to catch up on playtime.

With a video baby monitor, you can stay one step ahead. You can catch them the second they go out of bed.

Some smart monitors also have a temperature alarm that goes on if the kid goes out of range.

That feature is convenient to make them believe that mommy knows everything. Muahahaha.

Monitor a child with health issues

If you have a baby with health issues, using a video monitor will take some worry off your shoulders. It’s helpful for physical difficulties, congenital illnesses and even allergies. Watching your child through the camera will help you detect dangerous positions and situations.

Furthermore, a video monitor is perfect for monitoring babies with epilepsy, skin allergies and asthma. You will not see the visual signs of a problem using only an audio monitor.

From seizures to breathing difficulties, having the visual will help even to detect choking and suffocation.

You will know how quickly you need to respond.

Monitor a shared bedroom

A video monitor is an excellent help for families with an older child sharing their bedroom with a baby or younger children.

It will give you the ability to check if the type of game they are playing is safe for younger children. Your older child could want to share his Lego’s with his newborn sibling.

Also, it is possible that your first child is not happy to share his bedroom. This could lead to actions that are dangerous—anything from climbing into the crib or throwing toys into the crib.

You will know if they are good roommates.

Feeling more anxious and worrying too much

Watching the screen can be addictive. Staring at your video monitor could contribute to helicopter parenting. Eventually, this leads to anxiety.

The same problem applies to the audio monitor. Parents are always paying attention to the white noise coming out of the monitor in case something happens. This makes it more challenging to do a task that needs your complete attention.

Video monitor could be hacked

There are many stories of video monitors being hacked. Most video monitors come with a default password, and some parents forgot to change it. Don’t neglect to look at the monitor security setup to reduce the chance of getting unwanted spectators.

Same with an audio monitor. Your neighbour could be picking up your signal or vice versa. The good news is, video monitors have a security feature that can be enabled. With an extra precaution, you are safe. The audio monitor doesn’t have the option to secure the signal.

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Possibility of Signal Interception

Because wireless baby monitors transmit the signal through the air, it is always possible that someone outside of your house can pick up the signal. This has been a concern for some parents, and there was even a recent news story covering this potential problem.

Wireless baby monitors are never 100% secure, and if you live in a densely populated area, there’s a good chance that if your neighbour has a similar wireless baby monitor, they may be able to pick up the signal from yours. This would give people outside of your home access to both the audio and video feed of the monitor, letting them see exactly what’s going on inside your baby’s room. Imagine if a criminal or someone you would not want around use this to their advantage.

Digital baby monitors are much more secure when it comes to this problem, and it is far more of a problem with analog monitors. Newer digital baby monitors use encryption on the wireless signal, making them much more secure than those without such encryption.

Once you’ve decided which type of baby monitor would be best for you, you can read our reviews and guides to find a great monitor. A baby monitor is an excellent way to have peace of mind in knowing that your baby is sleeping soundly, and should be something that every parent has in their home.

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