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What Happens at a Baby Shower?

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    A baby shower is a celebration at which the parents-to-be receive presents and necessities for the new arrival from their friends and family. Fun activities, creative baby shower themes, presents, and, most importantly, new memories are all part of the celebration of batteries. There are many creative methods for friends and family to express their excitement for the soon-to-be mother, beyond simply adorning onesies for the baby and compiling advice cards. In your role as host, it will fall to you to ensure that everyone has a good time by organising a number of enjoyable activities.

    In other words, don't put undue pressure on yourself to create totally original games. It's all about making games and other events feel special for the individual being honoured by them. Although the tradition of throwing a party to celebrate a new mother's arrival is commonly associated with the contemporary era, it actually has its roots in ancient Greece and Egypt, when mothers were celebrated with a banquet after spending the first 10 days after giving birth in isolation. There have been positive developments, and the information you need to organise one is provided below. Online baby product directory at My Baby Nursery.

    When I Get Pregnant, Who Should I Ask To Throw A Baby Shower?

    Importantly, the party should be held four to six weeks before your due date, giving guests ample time to borrow or purchase any baby items they may still need and decreasing the likelihood that you will go into labour before the celebration. Another option is to wait until after the baby is delivered and celebrate with a "welcome baby" shower, bris (ritual circumcision), naming, or christening.

    When Is The Best Time To Have A Baby Shower?

    Pregnancy is perfectly OK at any point after fertilisation, so long as there is a bun (or two) in the oven. The vast majority of expectant mothers, however, choose to have their babies later in pregnancy, typically in the third trimester. It gives them something to anticipate, which is especially helpful if they are feeling weary, and it also gives them time to adjust to the notion of being pregnant and learn that everything is developing OK. Having one after giving birth is also acceptable. There are some pregnancies where this would be the prefered method of delivery for the mother, particularly if she is experiencing anxiety or stress about the birth.

    Set A Baby Shower Budget Now.

    You should remember this. Is the expecting mother footing the bill? Is this something that they do as a family? Or are we all paying our own way? The person in charge of hosting/planning the event always runs the risk of being surprised by unexpected expenses. Making money off of individuals is difficult, especially if you don't know them very well.

    Toys For The Newborn Baby.

    The adorable presents are a major highlight of any baby shower. However, before you send out invitations, you should check with the expecting mother to see how she feels about the situation. She may be handling things more casually because she's unconcerned. Also, she may want to create a baby registry to direct others in what to bring. If she decides to do this, it should take place a few months before the shower, and invitations should be sent out at that time.

    Is It Appropriate To Plan A "Surprise" Baby Shower?

    Baby Tips

    Do your best to think this out. Many expectant mothers find that they need more structure in their day because of how difficult they find pregnancy. Inquire about their thoughts about a baby shower. Inquire as to whether or if they have a certain ambience or event setting in mind. Assuming they are chill (and enjoy being the centre of attention), you might get away with it.

    What Do We Do At A Baby Shower?

    Baby showers are a great way to help expecting parents stock up on necessities like diapers, clothing, and more. Of course, there's a lot more to a baby shower than just exchanging presents. Baby shower games are a great way to get everyone involved and have a good time while the hostess prepares the food and drinks. You can combine and match activities from many categories, such as team games, quiz games, and printable baby shower games. It's crucial to think about the following before finishing your plans:

    • There needs to be some kind of unifying factor, so picking one out might help. It's not required, but it can help you decide on party details and is typically entertaining for attendees.
    • Whether the shower is formal or casual requires you to consider the time of day, your budget, and whether or not you plan to serve food and drink.
    • Baby showers aren't the same without some lighthearted competition. Even if your guests aren't the competitive sorts, you can still have a fun party with a wide variety of games and activities for them to enjoy.
    • Each attendee at a baby shower should receive a gift bag, and you may also hand out smaller prizes to the winners of several activities.

    Get your guests to sign the baby shower guest book as soon as they arrive. The expectant mother can't wait to flip through the pages as a memento of her big day. In addition, you can have guests leave messages of encouragement and congratulations for the new parents and infant on advice cards or a message wall. At the conclusion of a baby shower, it is customary for the mother-to-be, father-to-be, hostess, and grandparents to each say a few words to express their joy and happiness. Finally, as is customary with baby showers, you should give your visitors a cute memento before they leave. Consider the fact that each expecting mother has her own unique needs and preferences as you make preparations. While some mothers thrive on the excitement of large-scale baby shower activities, others would rather have something simple and quick planned. Being well-versed on current baby shower customs will help you organise a memorable celebration for the expecting mother-to-be.

    When Planning A Baby Shower, Who Should I Invite?

    Who you choose to invite is entirely up to you and the host, whether it be merely close friends and direct relatives, coworkers, your grandmother's friend Helga, husbands, or boyfriends. However, if you want to have a good time, it's best to invite only those closest to you, that way everyone may feel like they're celebrating with you and not just being there because they feel they have to.

    If you give the hostess a list of names and addresses, she can make sure that everyone you care about is invited. If your sister, coworker, and dog park pal are all organising individual showers for you, what are your options? In today's society, it's usual to celebrate an event multiple times.

    How Soon Should I Send Out The Invites?

    Invitees should ideally be informed of the shower date four to six weeks in advance. Check out My Baby Nursery for all your baby product needs.

    Could I Please Have A Baby Shower For Numbers Two And Three?

    While it was once frowned upon by specialists in the field of etiquette, throwing a second baby shower is now acceptable. Showers are meant to be a joyous occasion, thus it's perfectly OK to throw one for each of your offspring, no matter how many there may be. If you've already had one or two baby showers, you may feel awkward about throwing another one, so instead of being showered with gifts, your friends and family may "sprinkle" you with their love and symbolic gifts at a more intimate gathering or brunch.

    Should We Open Gifts Before Or After The Shower?

    Small, adorable outfits and cuddly animals are always a hit, but if the present pile is too large, guests may lose interest or feel awful if they only brought a few smaller items. It's up to you and your host to decide, but it's usually better to wait until later in the evening to open presents.

    The length of a shower should be no more than three hours, but the time spent unwrapping presents can go on for much longer if you have a large guest list. It goes without saying that you should always send a thank-you note, even if your guests insist that it isn't required. (It is not too late to express gratitude, but you have until the baby's second birthday.)

    How Can I Have My Dream Baby Shower Without Upsetting The Host?

    And of course you ought to feel pleased that your significant other thought enough of you to organise a 50-person, pink-ribbon-adorned bash complete with inane activities. Yet, suppose all you really want is a pleasant lunch with your five closest friends. Perhaps you'd rather forego the usual shower and instead host a pizza and drink party for your male and female friends. Have no fear; there are subtle methods to express what you desire. If the possible host is very shy or resistant to change, you could have a mutual friend or family member broach the subject. Let them drop hints about the type of shower you want, such as "You know Sharon hates being the centre of attention," and then relax and enjoy the attention. You can be more honest and forthright with the host if she is a close friend and more sensible person.

    Should We Abandon The Traditional Setup?

    The traditional baby shower is losing popularity in favour of events that are more like a girls' night out. The trend of hosting upscale baby showers for expectant mothers has exploded in recent years. Visitors can munch on appetisers, toast with champagne, peruse artwork, and, if they so choose, try their hand at making something original with the help of the studio's resident artists.

    The manicure and pedicure party is another well-liked alternative. Simply reserve a few hours at your prefered salon, or look into "mobile spa" services in your area that will come to you. Another suggestion: a group belly-dancing instruction for women. This one is not for the faint of heart or the modest of body. What a fantastic reason to celebrate your growing belly! To start the hip-shaking and belly-thumping, have everyone wear identical tank tops and beach wraps or basic pareos.

    Is There A Way To Make Taking A Shower Enjoyable?

    We've all been to dull baby showers when the games are awkward (guess the sweets squished into the diaper?) or downright nasty. Not interested. These amusing suggestions, courtesy of mums and party planners, will help you throw the best party ever:

    Don't Be Afraid To Use Your Ingenuity.

    Baby Tips

    Assign each participant a white onesie and bib to paint. This crafty, albeit messy, baby shower game is not only a hit with the guests but also provides the soon-to-be mother with useful, personalised gifts. You may keep things unstructured, or you can turn it into a contest by having attendees vote on their favourite item and awarding the winner a bottle of wine. To make a cute play blanket or quilt after the party, have each visitor contribute a square of fabric with a message or drawing using permanent markers or fabric paints.

    Try The Latest Games Out!

    Another matching game to try is reuniting unusual celebrity baby names with their famous parents. Each visitor brings a picture of themselves as a baby, and you have to identify who is who. Dole out small awards to the top finishers in both categories.

    Offer A Variety Of Upscale Alcoholic Beverages.

    The addition of a trademark speciality drink is a great way to liven up any gathering and tie in the event's theme if you're planning one. There's the Itsy-Tipsy Spider for a baby shower based on a nursery rhyme, or the Tequila Mockingbird for a literary-themed celebration.

    Expected Baby Shower Events

    You can openly rejoice in the joy of parenthood with your loved ones during a baby shower. If you've been falling asleep before supper, this is also a great time to catch up with your friends and family. Feel loved and cared for by your loved ones as they celebrate your impending motherhood with you. There will also be cake. An abundance of baked goods. Including gifts! Baby showers can range from a little get-together of close friends for afternoon tea to a major party in the comfort of the mother-to-own be's home. The gender of the baby is the inspiration for some baby showers, while others are themed after the expectant mother. The event could include games, a mother-to-mother story exchange, and birth blessings. You can count on the following happening at your baby shower no matter what form it takes:

    A Tear Or Two Will Certainly Fall From Your Eyes

    Just like that, you will. Irrespective of the circumstances. If you know that a friend's speech or a surprise baby shower will make you cry, pack some tissues. Your eyes may well up at the sight of so many little babygrows, but that's perfectly normal, and you can put it all down to hormones.

    Size Will Be Discussed

    The baby shower is the closest thing you've had to a night out in months, so you'll spend hours getting ready for it. You will take a long, relaxing bath (which will take longer than planned because you will need assistance getting out of the tub), carefully coif your new, abundant hair, and apply enough makeup to achieve the fabled "pregnancy glow." Perhaps you're also sporting a brand-new pregnancy dress that's just waiting to be shown off with your growing baby bump. And when you finally get there, the first thing people will say is, "Oh my God, you are HUGE!"

    Pool Betting Will Be Involved

    Yes, your dear pals will all want to cash in on your pregnancy. They'll take bets on when the baby will be born, and anyone who places a wager after your due date will have their contact information removed from your phone permanently. They'll also make wagers on how big your baby will grow, with the (so-called) friend who predicts the largest infant winning the title of New Worst Enemy.

    You'll Get Bad Advice

    There will always be that one person at the baby shower who feels compelled to impart a great deal of advice on the new mother. You'll be trapped listening to them for at least 30 minutes, even though you'll be thinking the whole thing is stupid but will be too polite to say so. You can bet that the person giving you this recommendation doesn't have kids.


    The expectant parents are showered with gifts and baby essentials at a baby shower. The celebration includes a variety of fun activities, a thoughtfully designed baby shower theme, thoughtful gifts, and, most importantly, new memories. You should definitely have the party around four to six weeks before you actually give birth. The host of a baby shower always runs the danger of being caught off guard by the total cost of the event. The expectant mother should be asked how she feels about inviting guests before invitations are sent out.

    It's important to find out whether the host has a specific atmosphere or theme in mind for the event. You can provide smaller prizes to the victors of several games and activities during a baby shower, in addition to the gift bags they get. Advice cards or a message wall are great ways for visitors to express their joy and support for the new parents and baby. Having a baby shower is supposed to be a happy occasion, so it's fine to have one for each of your children. Ideally, a shower shouldn't go on for more than three hours, but if you have a lot of guests, the time it takes to open gifts might easily exceed that.

    The typical baby shower has been supplanted by parties that are more like a girls' night out. In recent years, there has been a meteoric rise in the popularity of lavish baby showers for future mums. Snack on snacks, raise a glass of champagne, and see if anyone can come up with a unique creation. Inviting your friends and family to celebrate your impending motherhood is the purpose of a baby shower. Some baby showers are themed based on the expected mother's interests, while others are based on the gender of the baby.

    The event will include games, a sharing of birth stories from mothers to mothers, and a blessing of the newborns. A lot of people may want to make wagers on when you'll give birth and how large your baby will be. Strangers who don't have kids will give you terrible advice. Your due date will be the subject of pool wagers.

    Content Summary

    1. At a baby shower, well-wishers gather to give the parents-to-be gifts and supplies for their new baby.
    2. The celebration of batteries includes engaging activities, novel baby shower ideas, gifts, and, most importantly, new memories.
    3. As the host, it is your responsibility to ensure that everyone has a nice time by planning a variety of entertaining activities.
    4. New mothers in ancient Greece and Egypt were celebrated with a banquet after they had rested in seclusion for the first 10 days after giving birth, a custom that is now more usually linked with the modern age.
    5. To reduce the risk that you may go into labour before the party, it is recommended that it be held four to six weeks before your due date. This will give visitors plenty of time to borrow or buy any baby things they may still need.
    6. As long as there is a bun (or two) in the oven, being pregnant is totally fine at any time after fertilisation.
    7. It's also OK to have one after giving birth.
    8. For some mothers, especially those who are feeling nervous or stressed out about giving birth, this is the prefered technique of giving birth.
    9. The host or planner of an event always faces the danger of being blindsided by unforeseen costs.
    10. But before you send out invitations, make sure you ask the pregnant mother how she feels about it.
    11. Seek their opinion on throwing a baby shower.
    12. There's more to a baby shower than gift giving, of course.
    13. Your party guests don't have to be competitive experts to have a good time with all the different games and activities you provide.
    14. Request that all attendees sign the guest book as soon as they arrive at the baby shower.
    15. Last but not least, as is usual with baby showers, you should send guests home with a sweet keepsake.
    16. If you want to throw a baby shower that the mom-to-be will remember, you need familiarise yourself with modern traditions.
    17. Make sure everyone you care about is there by providing the hostess with a list of their names and addresses.
    18. Etiquette experts used to frown upon hosting a second baby shower, but nowadays it's perfectly fine to do so.
    19. Having a baby shower for each of your children, no matter how many you have, is entirely acceptable.
    20. If you've already had one or two baby showers and don't want to host another, your loved ones can "sprinkle" you with their support and a few token presents during a smaller, more personal event, like a brunch.
    21. If you and your host can wait until later in the evening, that's when you should open presents.
    22. Ideally, a shower shouldn't go on for more than three hours, but if you have a lot of guests, the time it takes to open gifts might easily exceed that.
    23. Even if your guests think that it isn't necessary, you should always send a thank-you note.
    24. However, let's say all you truly want is to have lunch with your five best pals.
    25. You may throw a pizza and liquor party for your male and female pals in place of a traditional shower.
    26. Don't be shy; there are subtle ways to get your point through.
    27. If the host is also a close friend and more levelheaded individual, you will feel more comfortable being open and honest with her.
    28. The typical baby shower has been supplanted by parties that are more like a girls' night out.
    29. In recent years, it has become increasingly common for pregnant mums to celebrate their impending arrival with lavish baby showers.
    30. A further popular option is a manicure and pedicure party.
    31. One more idea: belly-dancing classes for ladies.
    32. Give everybody a white onesie and a bib to decorate.
    33. The expectant mother will appreciate the thoughtful, individualised gifts she receives as a result of this artistic, albeit messy, baby shower game.
    34. Create a fun quilt or play mat from squares of cloth decorated with messages or drawings by party guests using permanent markers or fabric paints.
    35. Reuniting uncommon celebrity baby names with their famous parents is another fun matching game.
    36. At a baby shower, you and your loved ones can celebrate your impending fatherhood without holding back.
    37. Even if you've been dozing off before dinner, this is a fantastic opportunity to talk to your loved ones.
    38. Experience the warmth and support of family and friends as they rejoice with you over your future motherhood.
    39. Baby showers can range from an intimate afternoon tea affair with close friends to a large celebration in the expecting mother's house.
    40. Some baby showers are themed based on the expected mother's interests, while others are based on the gender of the baby.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The survey of more than 2,000 Australian parents found more than half hosted a baby shower, with 27 per cent paying for the party themselves. Almost half of the parents-to-be shared the cost with family, while the rest (28 per cent) allowed family and friends to carry the cost.

    The purpose of a baby shower is for loved ones to shower the parents-to-be with gifts and needs for the baby. Showers are also celebrated with fun games, fun shower themes, gift-giving and most importantly, making memories.

    Baby showers are often intimate affairs, involving the mother-to-be's closest female friends and relatives. It's best to consider which of the friends and family are going to be the most likely to want to celebrate the new baby, and also consult the mother-to-be about who she does and doesn't want on the guest list.

    Although many baby showers are still for women only, baby showers for both women and men are becoming more popular. Some dads even have their own separate baby shower. It really depends on the type of party you're planning.

    The average shower size in Australia is 900mm x 900mm, however, standard shower size Australia can vary based on a number of factors such as shower type, bathroom size and configuration, budget – and even bathroom's intended use.

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