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How Can I Make My Twins’ Life Easier?

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    Taking care of a set of twins or more can be a daunting task.

    Parents will attempt anything to make things simpler, and they are experts at finding workarounds, new approaches, and short cuts.

    Managing a single infant's diapering, napping, dressing, and feeding needs can be a challenge. Even the most well-laid plans can go awry when there are two times as many infant necessities to juggle.

    You may spend less time juggle and far more time enjoying the double pleasure of having twins with a little bit of ingenuity and luck.

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    Life Hacks for Parents of Twins

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    Put in place a number of places where babies can have their diapers changed

    Create several diaper-changing stations so you never have to drag the babies to one place just to change their diapers. Put together a "diaper pack" for each of the primary rooms in your home, including a changing mat, a supply of diapers, a wipes container, and any usual toiletries you need.

    Keep everything in one plastic bin for easy access.

    Use a pet pee pad as a throwaway pad or as an additional layer of protection beneath a standard changing pad.

    Carry Your Twins in a Wagon

    Getting toddler twins from one place to another is a major challenge for parents.

    It's difficult to herd them together because they frequently scatter in all directions. Using a waggon with two seats is a fun and quick way to transport them. It's a fantastic product because it has two seats, wide sides, and a smooth, easy-to-pull handle.

    Please Leave Your Vehicle Near the Cart Return Area

    Find a parking spot close to, or even right next to, the cart return carousel. That way, you may put the infants in the cart without worrying about them while you go back to the car to get what you need. You can return the cart to the parking lot without ever taking your eyes off your children, and you won't have to abandon them while you shop.

    Drop to Make Your House Safer

    Childproofing your home for twins is essential for their protection and the protection of your belongings. A good place to start childproofing is on the floor. In order to spot potential dangers, though, you need to adopt a "kids-eye" perspective. Take a look at the floor your multiples play on and think forwards to every tempting danger they may face.

    Is there a power strip or plug nearby? Are there any loose screws, nails, or screws in the furniture? You should plug up all the plugs and tie down the cords. When childproofing a home, it's best to start from the bottom up.

    Get Your Twins' Schedules in Sync

    Parenting a set of twins can be approached from a variety of angles, and no single approach is inherently superior.

    The consensus among experienced twin parents is that having everyone adhere to the same routine makes life much simpler. Instead of a chaotic jumble of infant tag-team, it would be much more enjoyable to have a pattern where everyone gets fed altogether, sleep concurrently, and spends their whole day playing together. Without some kind of routine, someone in the house is always going to be complaining about being hungry, tired, or in need of a potty change, and the parents are significantly likely to have a moment to themselves.

    Developing a routine can be challenging, but these methods can help.

    Stop yourself from buying extras of everything. There was no need to double down on everything. They did have certain things in common and never used the same things at the same time. It's true that there were some products, like car seats, that were definitely bought twice.

    Here's some advice, though, before you go out and buy a second of everything. Then, consult with other twin parents to learn more about what you'll require.

    Buy in Masses

    You know better than to try and fit in a quick trip to the store to buy more baby supplies. Wipes, diapers, diaper cream, and infant formula or meals are all useful to have on hand.

    The enormous containers that come with baby wipes and diapers can be put to use as extra space under the mattress or the bed. No room? Find out about retailers and manufacturers that will regularly ship or deliver to you (like Amazon "Subscribe & Save" for Families).

    Plan Ahead for Your Meals

    Prepare and freeze meals for the week, set the table for lunch and dinner, and shop for and cook huge quantities of meat to be divided into individual portioned ziplock bags and frozen while the kids are napping or playing. Ten minutes of extra time spent preparing meals can make a big difference when two children are loudly demanding their food.

    Compactness is key

    The travel or collapsible version of several of your bulky baby products may prove to be well worth the investment.

    Our praise for the foldable, portable high chairs is endless.

    If you don't want to bother moving or storing their bulkier counterparts, these products are perfect for throwing in the trunk of your car such as using out or around the house.

    To Begin the Play

    Prepare your twins' play places as much as possible in advance. This entails preparing the morning's breakfast spread the night before. Preparation for even a minor work might pay off in the long run.

    Be prepared with a few aces under your sleeve

    Have a few special items on hand, such as toys, music playlists, films, or food, to keep you sane in the event that you find yourself in an unfamiliar environment.

    Provide Details When Seeking Assistance

    Learn to identify the tasks that you can complete successfully on your own and those that require assistance. Then, be sure you're asking for the right kind of assistance if you do decide to do so.

    Remember This

    There should be separate baby books and old photographs for each of your twins so that you can chart their development and remember special moments together.

    Do not forget to instal the kids' cribs safely.

    Make sure there is no room between the twins' cribs by either pushing them together or pulling them away completely. Once they figure out how to crawl into each other's cribs, they risk falling through the gap and becoming trapped.

    Put both infants in the bathtub at once.

    You can keep all the infants together in one basket in the bath to make bath time easier on everyone.

    Share a meal with them.

    Although you may just want to tackle breastfeeding one baby at quite a time — specifically when you're breastfeed — your twin might have different intentions. Babies should be seated on a firm, baby-safe pillow or chair. Tuck some thickly rolled burp rags or baby blankets under their chins.

    Curve them around with 'hold' the bottles. You can now eat your lunch casually on the floor alongside them.

    To feed or nurse both at the same time, do use sides of a nursing sofa at once, or invest in a second nursing cover for a little bit more space per baby - it's a terrific item to add on your baby shower registry!

    Looking for blankets for a baby cot? Look no further. My Baby Nursery has you covered.

    You Can Identify Infants

    But since belly button is considered a scar, even if they may look like identical twins, their navels will likely look different.

    Make a distinction between their bellies with matching onesie sets if their buttons are too similar. Numerous onesie sets exist, which is great if you have twins because you can easily distinguish between them. However, you should be aware that these outfits may cause your children to become Instagram sensations.

    Make a Bottle Holder in a Hurry So They Can Feed Themselves.

    Roll up a swaddling blanket and bind it with a hairband to make a "formula stand" for babies who've been eating in a rocker or rocker. This will give you a few minutes to do something else while they eat. As long as they don't wiggle around too much, the bottle will stay where you put it.

    Give Them a Meal While Riding in the Car!

    Bottle slings are the ultimate meal time hack to car seats if you have to get in the car w hungry twins.

    You won't have to be concerned about scraping her back seat floor in an unsafe manner as a baby cries behind you in order find a misplaced bottle, and the babies can safely talk with each other while eating without dropping their bottles.

    Facilitate Mommy's downtime by making tummy time enjoyable for baby.

    A twin cushion serves with a double feeding pillow, a head pillow for mum, a safe surface for tummy time, and more, making it easy to put down even the tiniest of babies to rest. You can reduce your time spent nursing by pumping instead.

    Start by assembling your pump. Put on a hands-free breastfeeding bra and pull down one side. You can pump on one side while feeding on the other if you prop one infant up in a chair with a bottle.

    Put the twins in a swing and give them a push.

    You'd be mistaken if you thought a baby swing's leg holes went in both directions.

    The back-to-back configuration of an infant swing is ideal for twins since it prevents one or both of the babies from leaning forwards or backwards while being rocked.

    Maintain a Regular Routine

    No matter what, keep them on a routine. When one of you awakens, the other one must also. Each person should eat when the other does. Keeping note of events is one method to keep your sanity throughout the first six months when you won't be getting much sleep.

    The Pocket Nanny is a portable digital device that helps parents keep track of diaper changes, naps, and feedings, while the Jumelle Twin and Baby Tracker is an app that can monitor teething, fevers, and developmental milestones for multiple infants.

    Make Mealtimes Easier

    Having to feed two babies at once is a huge source of stress. Try as much as possible to get the hang of feeding both at once, whether you're nursing exclusively or using a bottle

    In order to keep your sanity, you'll need to figure out how to breastfeed two babies at once. If you're bottle feeding twins, it assists to have two places to sit while you both feed them.

    Use two blankets, two sleepers, or a twin feeding pillow to keep babies elevated when bottle feeding.

    Get two bibs or burp clothes to use as a blanket over them. You can feed one baby from a bottle or breastfeed the other by holding the containers for them or using a bottle holder.

    Burp on while the other relaxes on the cushion after a feeding, then switch. Once you've finished both meals, pat yourself on the back for making it thus far.

    There Will Be Two Baths Tonight

    Taking care of one infant twin while the other plays nearby in an infant rock chair is a great time saver when both babies are still very little.

    When your babies are about six months old and can sit up on their own, you may find it easier to bathe both of them at once by using bath seats
    Learn the Roster

    Twin parents often find themselves confused between their children during the early morning hours. Making sure you can tell everyone apart first.

    Discuss Your Twins With Other Parents

    Make friends with folks who know what it's like to have a two-baby household. Look for groups for twins on social media or via search engines. Locate a local class for parents-to-be who will soon be welcoming twins.

    Mothers of multiples form a unique sisterhood. Meeting up with a mother of twin girls who has a daughter six months earlier than your own is a great way to share the cost of baby clothes and save a lot of money. But the nicest part is that twin parents can connect to your situation.

    How to Improve Your Sleep Through Exercise

    A sleep consultant is someone you pay to help you get to sleep, suggest a nap schedule, and otherwise hold your hand as you try to implement it.

    But sleep training isn't for everyone.

    Use Them

    The use of baby carriers designed for twins is recommended by some parents. Put on both of them and you'll open up a whole new world of possibilities.

    Weeping Twice

    Having two babies who are both fussy at the same time might make the witching hour that much more trying. It can often be difficult to find what helps your baby feel calm: It's possible that one infant will favour one approach over another.

    It's no joy to deal with the cries of a pair of newborns, but it takes time and effort to figure out what soothes each baby.

    Put an end to comparison thinking!

    Our motto is "Good for people, not for me," which is a slogan coined by Amy Poehler. You can use this advice anywhere, but it will come in handy when your friends with families insist that you adopt their habits and timetables.

    In our twin existence, we get to share in the thrill of discovering our own unique route. We try out several strategies and allow for some things to develop on their own. Laugh at yourself and take pleasure in the unplanned.

    Evaluate what's most important to you and surrounds yourself with individuals who will help you maintain your newfound freedoms

    Task Division

    Delegating responsibilities and having an extra pair of hands can make all the difference when you're caring for twins. Parents who are raising twins alone may find that assistance from their parents is especially helpful in the early days.

    If you require professional guidance or restful sleep, rely on experts like a bedtime consultant, night nurse, or therapist. Having a set of twins is a chaotic, demanding, and tiring experience.

    Do Not Lose Hope; This This Shall Pass

    Which else you do—whatever diapers you use, whatever schedules your baby keep, whatever—always keep this in mind.

    Remember that THIS, TOO, SHALL PASS! These fuzzy, wild infant days, though, won't last forever. There will be another day tomorrow.

    You're the finest possible parent for your twins, and you're doing a great job. They will soon be able to feed themselves, sleep through night, and need less of your continual attention. Just relax, give yourself a slap on the shoulder, and savour the moment because you know it won't last forever.

    We were told by other parents of twins that within the first six months, things start to settle out a bit. There is an improvement in the future. Although it may feel like the days will never end, the months will fly by, and before you know it you'll be rooting on other twin mothers who are experiencing the same joys and sorrows of parenthood.

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    Life with twins can be difficult, but there are several methods to make it more manageable. Protecting your twins and your valuables by making your home childproof is a must. One of the most amusing and brisk methods of transporting them is to use a waggon with only two seats. It's better to begin childproofing at the ground level. Keeping everyone on the same schedule is a huge time saver.

    Don't go crazy getting extras of everything. Even one extra ten minutes spent cooking can make a huge impact when feeding two hungry kids. A number of your large baby products may be better served by a travel or collapsible version. We can't say enough good things about the lightweight, collapsible high chairs. You can toss these items in the back of your car for on-the-go or at-home convenience.

    Even if the navels of a pair of twins look similar, that doesn't mean there aren't scars. If their buttons seem alike, you can tell them apart by dressing them in coordinating onesie outfits. If you must travel with hungry twins, bottle slings are the ideal meal time workaround to car seats. In the wee hours of the morning, it's common for parents of twins to mix up their children. Everyone should time their meals with the other's.

    Having two seats available is helpful if you're bottle feeding twins. It may be easier to bathe both of your babies at once when they are about six months old. The Twin Squad is a special sisterhood for mums of multiples. Amy Poehler came up with our motto, "Good for people, not for me." There are two babies in the house, and we discuss strategies for calming them down.

    Having a pair of twins is a difficult and exhausting time in a family's life. These hazy, crazy times of infancy won't endure forever. As the months pass, you'll find yourself rooting for other mums of multiples who are going through the same ups and downs as you are.

    Content Summary

    • Transport Your Twins in a Wagon It's really difficult for parents to transport twin toddlers from one location to another.
    • Get rid of to make your home more secure
    • Protecting your twins and your valuables by making your home childproof is a must.
    • Don't go crazy getting extras of everything.
    • Make as many of the twins' play areas ready for them as possible ahead of time.
    • The two of you should eat together.
    • You should put the twins on a swing and push them.
    • Keep them on a schedule at all costs.
    • Whether you're exclusively breastfeeding or using a bottle, you should practise feeding both at the same time as frequently as feasible.
    • Learn how to breastfeed two babies at once without losing your mind.
    • You can save a lot of money on baby clothes by meeting up with another mother of twin girls who has a daughter six months sooner than your own.
    • The best news is that other people who have raised twins will understand your predicament.
    • But not everyone can benefit from sleep training.
    • Some parents suggest using baby carriers made especially for twins.
    • Enjoy the unplanned and have a good laugh at yourself.
    • You're a wonderful mother and father to your twins.
    • Other twin parents assured us that after the first six months, things begin to calm down a little.
    • The situation will get better in the near future.

    FAQs About Baby Twins

    If you're pregnant with twins, you should take the same prenatal vitamins you would take for any pregnancy, but your physician will recommend extra folic acid and iron. The additional folic acid and extra iron will help ward off iron-deficiency anemia, which is more common when you're pregnant with multiples.

    Few specific genes in humans have been definitively linked with hyperovulation or an increased probability of DZ twinning. Other factors known to influence the chance of having DZ twins include the mother's age, ethnic background, diet, body type, and number of other children

    The three-month stage marks the end of the “fourth trimester” and your twins can better adapt to life outside the womb. For one thing, they'll sleep in longer stretches of about three- to four-hour chunks.

    Put your babies down in a safe sleeping position, on their backs with their feet touching the bottom of the cot or Moses basket. Make sure they do not get too hot, particularly if they're sharing a cot. Keep blankets securely tucked in. Have a bedtime routine and stick to it.

    Adult twins will experience loneliness, which is inevitable and can lead to emotional confusion, depression, and being overwhelmed. Nontwins will not understand the depth of your loneliness, which will only gradually fade into the background as you make new friends and get engaged in life without your twin.

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