What To Do When You Miss Your Baby At Work?

One of the most challenging parts about being a working mother is missing your baby throughout the day. 

You may have to go back to work after maternity leave, or you might be going in for just a few hours each day. 

Whatever circumstance you find yourself in, there are some ways that you can make it easier on both your mind and body to get through the day without feeling guilty! 

Returning to work can be very difficult after you have your baby. You have this precious new little person in your life, and you are very attached to them. 

Additionally, you have gotten into the routine of being with them all the time while you were on maternity leave. 

Many working moms have experienced grief over missing their baby, but there’s a powerful way you can use your mind to help you get back to work. This can make returning to work difficult, but these tips can help.

Tips If You Miss Your Baby While at Work

Bonding and caring for a child can be very joyful and essential for a new mother. 

You wait nine months to meet them, and then you can spend at least an extra six weeks to love on and spend time with your baby

For many moms, after this six week’s reality hits, it is time for you to return to work to provide financially for your new love. 

Within this time, many mothers find out that this is a hard thing to do and wonder what to do when you miss your baby at work. 

How to stop missing your baby at work? SO if you cannot stay at home, you should find good ways to cope.

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Ease Back Into Work If Possible

If you can, ease back into work. Maybe you can go back just a couple of days a week for a few weeks. 

Another option is to start leaving your baby for short periods before you return to work, maybe while doing errands or something. 

If nothing else, try to return to work in the middle of the week so the week won’t seem so long and you can ease into it. These things can make returning to work easier.

Call and See How Things Are Going

If you are struggling with getting through your day because you are worried about your baby is doing, call and check on them. 

There is nothing wrong with calling to see how things are going. You are the mother. If you need to do this daily for a while, go for it. 

It can give you the peace of mind you need to go on with your day.

Pack it up in the Mama Box

Let’s say you just had lunch at work, and you start to think about how much you miss your baby. 

The tears start to well up in your eyes, and it’s hard to get back into your project. This is when you’ll envision your mama box. 

It can be any colour you want, perhaps red though, because you must use this Jedi trick. Don’t forget to envision a lid because you need closure.

Next, take the upsetting thoughts and imagine picking them up and putting them gently into the box. 

Take the lid and cover the box, so the thoughts don’t escape. Once the idea is boxed up, swipe the box aside. Out of sight, out of mind. Then get back to work.

Don’t worry, though. These thoughts won’t stay in this box forever (that’s the next step). There is a time and place for everything. This is a huge lesson to learn as a working mom.

Remind yourself that there is work to be done so you can continue providing for your family. However, your child is safe, is being cared for, and you will see them soon.

Unpack the Mama Box When the Time Is Right

When you leave work, un-compartmentalize (or unpack) the mama box, open the lid and think—can you name the emotion you were feeling? This is the first step in making your emotional intelligence stronger.

When you know the type of emotion, you felt it’ll be easier to spot the next time you need to use this Jedi mind trick.

Here’s the challenging step: allowing the emotion(s) to wash over you. For some, the feelings might last a long time or be especially pervasive. The surfaces can contribute to a sense of general indecision about returning to work.

Others might feel conflicted for a different reason: coming home to your family can also be emotional and, in some cases, stress-inducing.

Avoid Overpacking Your Mama Box

If you don’t unpack the mama box, the mind trick won’t work. Sure, ignorance is bliss, but keeping your emotions boxed up can do more harm than good.

It’s normal to feel sad or worried about your children, but it’ll be hard to stay motivated to work if you get stuck in this state. 

Likewise, if you never acknowledge that you’re upset, you’ll eventually break down.

This coping strategy can play an essential role in your success as a working mom. It helps to push you forward. 

When you master this trick, it’ll become a habit to push the mama box aside and get back to work.

Apply the Same Trick With Your Career Box

Don’t let work thoughts invade your quality family time. Instead, pack up your work feelings into a box with your company’s logo on it. Then swipe the career box to the side.

Use all five of your senses to put the career box out of sight. First, admire your child’s features like their eyes or hair. 

Ask them a question and listen to their voice. Please give them, give them a big hug and smell their hair. This will get you back to the present moment and help keep the career box out of mind.

Don’t Be Ashamed to Call and Check-In.

No matter who the caregiver is, you will like to know that your baby is doing fine. 

Getting frequent updates will help you feel more comfortable and feel involved even if you are working. 

Also, if you can get pictures or videos, then opt-in so that they can brighten your day, you will feel like you’re a part of your baby’s day, and you will never miss important moments.

Since technology is advanced, many schools are starting to use software and apps that will help you to keep up with your child’s day-to-day activities. 

So if the school is using the software or apps to make sure to download them and keep them up to date, you can get the updates as soon as possible. 

Daycare providers understand that not everyone can be close to their phone while at work, so many providers use email as their primary form of communication.

However, Limit How Often You Call

If there are no apps available, it is beautiful to call occasionally. 

It may be easier to call when your child is in the care of a family member, but if they are not, it is still an excellent way to check on your baby

Child care providers are empathetic and know that many mothers have anxiety about leaving their babies to return to work. 

Do not be discouraged or feel out of place if you want to get an update on your little one. Also, if your baby will be cared for at home, it may be helpful to install a nanny cam. 

Although you will not be there physically, you will be able to check in on your baby as much as possible. 

Some cams offer the ability to talk through the cam, which will help with your interaction while you are away from your baby. 

You will be able to interact with your baby and see their daily activities, which can put you at ease while you are away. 

Also, you want to make sure your home is safe, and the nanny is safe as well.

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Stop Worrying So Much

When you leave your baby in the hands of others, you can feel anxious. You may feel as though no one can care for them the same way as you. 

Although the feeling holds some truth, your baby is in good hands if you leave your baby. 

Suppose you have chosen to leave your baby with anyone other than you trust this person. 

The decision was not easy, and your final option was your best. So telling yourself that your baby is OK will help you to remain calm and continue working.

You should focus on positive things, such as your baby is getting the proper care, and your baby is having fun while you are away. 

If you allow worry to cloud your mind, you will not be able to focus on work, making you anxious. 

You may also feel like the thought of being away from your baby is too much and give up on working.

Find the Right Childcare Provider

A few ways to make sure your baby is OK is to find a child care provider or family member that will respect you and your baby’s lifestyle. 

Although they will not be able to do things exactly the way you do, they should have the same beliefs and goals. 

If your baby is at home, make a checklist the night before and ensure that your baby has everything required for the next day. 

This will help you feel comfortable and know that you have set the proper guidelines when caring for your baby.

Be Patient With Yourself

This is one of the best pieces of advice we got. You don’t have to be perfect your first day back, your first week before, or ever. 

This goes for parenting and your body, in addition to transitioning back to work. So the advice is pretty universal.

Give yourself some breathing room to get back in the swing of things. 

Don’t schedule big presentations or client meetings or say yes to big projects right off the bat if you can help it. 

If you can’t avoid taking on something big, try to find ways to move other items off your plate so you can give that one project your primary focus.

Do put blocks of time on your calendar to go through email and catch up on projects, reports, or anything else you missed while you were on leave. 

Note: You probably won’t get through all your emails in one sitting, and that’s OK. Try tackling the most important stuff first and get to the rest over the next few days.

And schedule individual meetings or coffee dates with your team to hear what they’ve been working on and, in general, how they’re doing (this will be a nice break from all the work-information overload!).


Remind Yourself They Are in Good Hands     

Remind yourself that your baby is in good hands. Whatever choice you made for your childcare was not made lightly. 

No doubt you made the decision carefully. So relax and remind yourself of that when you need to. You know that your baby is receiving excellent care while you are away.

Keep Busy at Work

Also, by keeping busy at work, your day will go by quickly, and you will be home cuddling with your baby in no time. 

Make sure to tell yourself that you will see them soon will ease your worry. You should try to focus on your work, which will keep you occupied until you can reunite with your baby. 

Work can have a lot of pressure, so you can work effectively and know your baby is in good hands with proper child care.

Remember That You Will See Them Soon

Remember that you will see your little one soon. Count your hours down if necessary. Remind yourself it won’t be long until you have them back with you again. 

Even if you work full time, you are with your child more than away from them. So spend your time looking forward to when your workday ends.

Go for a Visit Midday If Possible

If it is possible, go for a midday visit with your baby. A lot of times, this won’t work. But if your child is close to you and you have a long enough lunch, have a short visit. 

Getting a few snuggles in can make the rest of your day go by much quicker. It can also help you to feel less anxious.

Know That You Will Adjust

Missing your baby after returning to work is expected. However, it is nothing to worry over. Know that you will adjust to being a working mom. 

After a while, it will all become routine to you. You may even find that you enjoy the balance work gives you about motherhood.

Advocate for Your Needs (and Your Child’s)

This advice, of course, transcends parenting and applies in all aspects of life, but it’s essential after having a child. 

It’s simple: Ask for what you need and don’t assume people know what it is. You’d be surprised how much people will give you if you ask for it.

Do you need a meeting moved so you can make pickup time at daycare? Present an alternative solution in your task, but ask nonetheless. 

Are you not available for after-hour client events? Advocate for a colleague to take your place or suggest other creative ways to get in front of clients that fit into your schedule. Who knows, there could be other working parents who will appreciate your ingenuity.

Ask for Photos

Lastly, make sure to decorate your workspace with photos. If you are missing your baby, an excellent way to brighten your day is to be able to look at your sweet baby. 

Also, you can see the growth with your baby, which will help you see the bright side of things. 

Not only will you enjoy seeing your little one, but you can also share the joy with co-workers as well as clients. 

You can replace pictures as much as you would like, which will help as your baby grows and reaches new milestones.

Also, if you have a lengthy lunch or your home or child’s daycare is pretty close, then you may want to choose to visit and enjoy lunch with your little one. 

Although the time will not be lengthy, the joy of seeing your little one and sharing hugs and kisses will help the rest of your day go by easier. 

You will worry less and defeat the feeling of anxiety.


Returning to work after a baby can be difficult, but these tips can help. What was the most challenging part of returning to work for you? What helped you through that?

Use this trick to stop struggling with working motherhood. When the mommy guilt is so great you feel like it will crush you, bring out the mama box. 

When you’re angry about missing out on promotion while eating with your family, bring out the career box. 

Compartmentalising your emotions is a great tool to become more mindful of the present moment. 

It’ll help you deal with things at the right time for you, for your family and your career.

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