What Is the Difference Between the Bedsheet and Bed Cover?

Maintaining a household is not always easy. In addition to furniture, there are many other things that a house essentially needs, such as drapes, curtains and bathroom fittings. Among these seemingly minor yet extremely essential items, bed sheets and bed covers too are two items that are often confused with one another.

Many of the consumers are found to have great confusion between a bedsheet and a bed cover. There are people who use bed covers as bedsheets without even knowing the actual difference between these bedsheets and a bed cover. This blog will actually help you to get a clear concept about the bedsheet and a bed cover so that you can properly use it and get the actual benefit out of it.

So, let’s take a look at the most important part of a cozy and safe bed; the bedsheets and how it compares to its counterpart: the bedcover. What is the difference? How are they alike? Let’s find out below.

What Is a Bedsheet?

A bed sheet is a piece of linen or cloth that is used to cover the mattress and is the sheet that the person directly lies on. The bed cover is a covering for the bed and can be a sheet, comforter, blanket or quilt.

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Bed sheets and bed covers are two types of coverings that are used to dress a bed. If you have ever seen movies or visited a hotel, you have seen that a bed has multiple layers which are to be removed when sleeping in it. Bedsheets and bed covers are coverings that are often confusing for many people.

A bed sheet is a piece of linen or cloth that is used to cover the mattress. It is placed directly on the mattress and the sheet which a direct person lies on. The term bed sheet was first used in the 15th century. In some countries, a person places two sheets on the bed, one that is fitted placed on the mattress and one a simple sheet that is laid on top of the fitted sheet. The person then sleeps between the two sheets, followed by blankets or comforters. Bedsheets are made of fibres such as cotton, linen, satin, silk, rayon, bamboo fibre. When the bed is not made, the bed has four or five layers of sheets that are used to protect the mattress and the comforter directly. There is a fitted sheet, a top sheet, followed by a blanket or a comforter and a bed cover.

A bedsheet is simply a large piece of material or fabric that is cut to resemble a large square that is generally lined with a stretchy elastic band to fit over the mattress (if it is the fitted sheet) or a large piece of material that is stitched with a seam and is placed on the bed, directly on top of the fitted sheet.

A bedsheet can be defined as a rectangular piece of cloth that is used to cover the mattress of the bed. Blankets, comforters and other sheets are usually placed atop the bedsheet and sometimes, even a second flat bedsheet known as a couple of sheet or a fitted sheet in some European countries is placed atop the mattress in addition to the first one. Traditionally, bedsheets had been white in colour, but today, various colours and patterned bedsheets are being used. The word bedsheet was first used in the 15th century.

Bedsheets can be of various materials, and some of the most popular types are linen, cotton, satin, silk, bamboo fibre, rayon, Polypropylene spun-bond, and various blends of cotton with polyester. Its thread count measures the quality of the bedsheet. Bedsheets come in two types as fitted and flat sheets. The fitted type comes with four corners with all four sides or just two sides fitted with elastic or drawstring while the flat sheet is merely a piece of rectangular cloth. For the proper fitting of flat sheets, a specific method of folding and tucking can be used when making the bed. This method is known as “hospital corners.”

Protects the Skin

bedsheets can be a second barrier for the skin against common irritants that exist in every residence, such as dust mites or bacteria. Numerous people suffer from skin conditions, such as eczema but a sturdy set of sheets in a soothing breathable material, like cotton, find relief during slumber.

A breathable set of bedsheets can also help those who have continuous night sweats stay dry throughout the night. Check the material of your sheets before purchase to see what level of breathability they possess and also check to see if the material has natural or enhanced moisture-wicking properties.

Easily Cleaned – Long Lifespan

Bedsheets are made from durable material, regardless if you chose to use flannel sheets, cotton, or even silk. Most sheet types can be easily cleaned at home, without the need for expensive dry-cleaning or special instructions. Higher-end sheets might require a particular laundry detergent, however, such as silk but it is always important to read the labels on your sheets before laundering them at home.

When taken care of properly, a set of bedsheets can last up to five years, provided they aren’t ripped or stained.

Available in a Variety of Sizes

Most bed covers only come in single sizes, without much room for variety. Bedsheets, however, can come in twin, double, queen, king or even custom. You can purchase sheets for round beds, square beds, hammock beds and more!

Bedsheets are more versatile than bed covers, and once they have reached their life span for use on your bed, can be transferred into other items, such as a beach blanket or craft sheet.

What Is a Bed Cover?

Just like the bedsheet, a bed cover is also made out of cloth, but it is different from a bedsheet. A bed cover is usually used when your bed is not in use. It helps to protect both your mattress as well as your bedsheets so that you can keep it dust-free. As compared to the bed sheets, bed covers are made up of thick fabric and appear like a quilt, blanket, etc. For an air-conditioned room, or during the cold nights, you can also use your bed cover to cover yourself. Bed covers are also used to give your bed a more alluring feel.

A bed cover is a covering made out of cloth that is made to cover the bed when it is not in use. This is done so in order to protect the mattress and the sheets so that the bed will not be touched by dust. Bed covers are usually made of thick material, and this can be a blanket, quilt or comforter. As a result, they can be used to cover oneself during the night on extra cold nights, as well. Bed covers are also used for aesthetic purposes to give the bed a more alluring appeal.

The bed cover is a sheet that is used to cover the bed when a person is not sleeping in it. It can sometimes be made of a quilt, comforter or a blanket, depending on the place where you are using it. The bed cover’s purpose is to protect the mattress directly and can even be used as a comforter to cover one’s self in the night. Bed covers are also used for decorative purposes to give the bed a more aesthetic appeal. Some covers can be used, such as the comforter or quilt mentioned above, while others are removed prior to sleeping in the bed. Some people also use the second sheet with the fitted sheet above the comforter or quilt as a bed cover, which can be removed when sleeping. The covering of bed depends on the person who is making it.

Protects the Mattress

The bed cover is used to protect your mattress from stains and rips, but it can also give an additional layer of protection from mould, bacteria or dust setting up home in the dark crevices of your great mattress.

The bed cover can also be a material that is soothing to dry or irritated skin. People who suffer from common skin conditions can find that having a bed cover instead of layers of sheets and blankets on their bed leaves their skin soothed. Multiple layers of bedding can cause a spike in body temperature, which leaves a person with night sweats. These night sweats can further aggravate skin conditions, which is why most people use a thicker bed cover only.

Can Be Decorative

The problem with bedsheets is that most types, regardless if they are silk or generic cotton, come in solid colours or a limited range of patterns. People who want to use their bed cover as a focal point in their bedroom or contrast a funky colour scheme find that a bed cover offers more options, colours and styles.

The bedroom is the sanctuary of the soul and the one place where people can be who they truly are. Expressing your personality through the use of a bedcover, that is both practical and whimsical, is attractive to many.

Protects Sheets

If you have invested in a set of expensive sheets, then you definitely don’t want them exposed to the elements of a home. Elements that can ruin expensive sheets, such as silk, linen or Egyptian cotton, can be normal wear and tear but also something like sunlight streaming directly on the sheets. Consistent exposure can cause bleaching of the sheets and ruin the quality of the threads.

Difference Between Bedsheet and Bedcover

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bedsheets and bed covers are both used for the purpose of covering the bed. They are both used for decorative purposes as well, making the bed look more presentable. Then again, how are they different from each other?

  • Bedsheets are what cover the mattress. Bed covers are used to cover the bed from dust and grime when it is not in use.
  • Bedsheets are used to cover your mattress whereas the bed covers are used to protect these sheets. Bed covers protect the mattress from grimes, dust and other exposures.
  • Bedsheets are laid out right at the bottom over the mattress. The bed cover is laid out over the bedsheets and other bed linen.
  • Bedsheets are kept as they are when the bed is in use. The bed cover is usually taken off when the bed is in use.
  • Bed covers are usually made out of thicker material than bedsheets.
  • Bedsheets are spread right at the bottom of a mattress whereas the bed cover is spread over the bedsheets. 
  • Bedsheets are laid out when your bed is in use, but bed covers are used when your bed is not in use. 
  • Bedsheets are made up of comparatively thin fabric like cotton, linen, rayon, silk, sateen and so on, but the bed covers are usually a kind of quilt or blanket and thicker fabric.

In a world where purchases are costing more and more each time we replace an item in our homes, it is always important to ensure that what you are buying is exactly what you not only want but also need. Talk to your partner to determine their preference when it comes to buying bed sheets or bed covers.

Usually, with products such as bedsheets versus bed covers; there isn’t a clear winner but rather what is a winner in your eyes to suit your individual needs and wants. Look further into the benefits of bedsheets over bed covers and vice versa to help narrow down your decision.

It has been medically and scientifically proven that each person on this planet will spend approximately 1/3 of their lives sleeping, so shouldn’t it be in comfort?

If you prefer a bed cover over bedsheets, or you know of a style of bedsheets that you cannot live without; please feel free to mention it in the comments below! We love to hear from you.

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