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What Is Mulberry Silk?

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    The quality of Mulberry silk produced in either a natural or an artificial setting is unparalleled. When woven together, the resulting fabric is a visual and tactile feast for the senses since each individual strand of such a pure white fabric is smooth and uninterrupted.

    Mulberry silk, commonly known as "Natural silk," is a continual fibre produced by silkworms during the spinning of their cocoon. The larvae of a certain species of moth feed only on the leaves of the Mulberry tree, hence the product's name. That won't be as straightforward as it seems.

    The cocoons of Mulberry silkworms raised in captivity yield the silk known as "Mulberry silk." We have kept a close eye on everything throughout production. The larval silkworms are likewise kept in a very regulated environment.

    They make it possible for the larval to spin connections between different that are unlike any other in the world in terms of their uniformity of colour, smoothness, weight, and sphericity. Moreover, pure silk fibres are extremely strong, outperforming steel fibres that have the same diameter by a wide margin.

    True to its name, Mulberry silk is the softest and most lustrous of all the luxury textiles. Among other names, it has been crowned "Queen of Fabrics" in some circles. Mulberry silk's luxurious softness makes it the ideal bedding material for anyone concerned about the health of their hair and skin. India is the world's second-largest producer of Mulberry silk, behind only China.

    How is Mulberry Silk Made?

    mulberry silk

    For whatever reason, the most expensive natural silk is mulberry silk. It has a smooth texture and a strong fibre, both of which are indicative of its individuality. Why is it so much more expensive than regular silk, and how is it better than regular silk? First, I will go over the process of creating mulberry silk.

    The Morinda moth is responsible for producing the silk used to make mulberry fabric. The sole purpose of the moth is to serve as an egg laying machine. Its purpose is served once it lays around 500 eggs, and then it dies. In order to hatch the small eggs, the temperature is kept at 65 degrees Temperature and gradually elevated to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Silkworms use mulberry silk, which is a protein blend, to spin a safe cocoon for themselves. Silk strands, like wool, are thought to have originated from an animal and are among the earliest animal materials used in textile production.

    This silk is the finest available, and it is typically used for silk weaving. To the touch, it is silky, and to the eye, it is glossy. Silk is the only fabric known to produce the distinctive "silk sound" when rubbed together. It allows air to circulate, so you feel comfortable in both cold and hot weather.

    Mulberry leaves are the primary food source for silkworms, and the quality of their final cocoons is what determines the value of a silk quilt. However, most silk on the market today is either imitation silk, tussah silk, or silkworm silk, with Mulberry leaves serving as the raw material for the production of pure silk. Because Mulberry silk has crumbs, pupa lining cloth, macular cocoons, and single Palace cocoons, the selection of feedstock of silk quilt can tell the difference between 100% silk but instead 100% mulberry silk. The quality of Polyester fabric is very good when it is an select double Palace cage with greater double Palace cocoon.

    After hatching, the baby silkworms spend their whole first week of life eating nothing but Mulberry leaves. After a month of nonstop feeding on plant leaves, the larvae will now have gained enough mass and energy to begin spinning cocoons. The silkworm's cocoon-weaving process might take anywhere from 3 to 8 days.

    The Benefits of Using Mulberry Silk

    While this may seem like a minor point, there are several advantages to using mulberry silk for things like bedsheets and pyjamas because of how strong and durable it is.

    First of all, the feel of mulberry silk on your skin is like nothing else. In addition, because it is gathered from whole cocoons, it is more consistent than its wild counterparts. All of the fabric will be uniformly soft and smooth this way, rather than bumpy in some places. Mulberry cloth has been among the most valued materials in the world for thousands of years due to its durability and elegance.

    Obviously, it's intriguing to remark that cherry silk is as functional as it is elegant. A strand or mulberry silk, for instance, is thicker than a line of steel that has the same diameter, which lends credence to the fabric's reputation for great strength. In addition, mulberry silk is an odourless natural substance, making it ideal for users who are sensitive to other scents.

    These qualities, when combined, ensure that mulberry silk bedding and sleepwear is an excellent buy for consumers.

    It's Waterproof

    We may not like to admit it, but we all perspire as we sleep. The average person loses or more 2 cups of water from perspiration each night. Therefore, if we want to have a dry night's sleep, we need bedding that can wick away this moisture.

    Cotton, a very breathable material, is used to make the majority of conventional bed sets, thus they are able can wick away part of this moisture. In contrast to cotton, mulberry silk allows even more airflow. You'll sleep better knowing that half as much moisture won't be lingering in your bed thanks to its enhanced evaporative cooling properties. Since silk naturally repels moisture, you won't have to worry about being cold or wet during the night.

    keeps things from getting too hot

    The extraordinary wicking ability of silk has several useful side effects. Silk sheets have the added benefit of keeping you cool all night long. If you get hot flashes, this advantage will be especially helpful. In order to understand why conventional bedding contributes to overheating and why silk can alleviate hot flashes, it is helpful to consider why these problems arise.

    Almost all of human body heat is kept in during the night when you use conventional bedding. Since your body emits heat continuously throughout the night, the temperature of your bed will gradually rise as you sleep. You'll start to perspire at some point.

    You won't cool off because your perspiration can't evaporate and leave you feeling fresh because you're suffocating in your own bed. More of you body heat will be reflected back to you thanks to this increased water content. Eventually, you'll overheat from lying in a bed that gets hotter and hotter as the cycle repeats.

    In contrast, if you sleep in a mulberry silk duvet cover, you can be assured that any perspiration will be quickly absorbed and the material will keep you cool. It's a well-known fact that the human body cools down as a result of perspiring because of the sensation of the evaporation of perspiration. There is also no additional moisture or humidity into your bedding to make matters hotter. This means that you won't ever get too hot while sleeping thanks to a mulberry silk comforter's ability to help your body maintain a healthy internal temperature.

    Reduces the Proliferation of Bacteria

    In addition to keeping you cooler at night, silk's wicking properties prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi on your sheets. How can removing the excess moisture from the bed with wicking material stop these bacteria from settling in?

    Bacteria and fungus, like all other forms of life, require water for survival. Insufficient amounts prevent their expansion and reproduction. This slows their spread because they can't require as much water to grow. A simple equation shows that reduced water availability leads to a decrease in microbial life.

    Mulberry Silk is completely hypoallergenic, odourless, and natural.

    Mulberry silk is one of a kind since it is all-natural, odourless, and hypoallergenic. Allergy sufferers may feel more comfortable wearing mulberry silk because of the sericin, a naturally occuring protein found in the silk. For this reason, those who suffer from allergies can rest certain that sleeping on a Mulberry silk mattress pad or pillowcase is a good idea.

    This is the standard for Mulberry silk. In addition, the presence of the protein sericin in the fabric makes it a good option for people who are allergic to many other materials. You may rest assured that this long-lasting material is crafted from robust Mulberry silk fibres thanks to the care taken during production. As far as we're concerned, it's money well spent.

    Be wary of pillows, duvets, and other sleeping items stuffed with silk. A variety of silks, including Habotai silk, blended silks, and polyester, are used to stuff them. Do your homework before purchasing silk-filled bedding online to guarantee you receive a high-quality item. At Manito Silk, all of the silk used in our duvets and pillows comes from the Mulberry silk worm. Our silk pillows and duvets are always used only with silk fill.

    Aids in achieving a more even skin tone

    Your skin and allergies may thank you for investing in a mulberry silk bedding set in the morning. It improves the appearance of your skin for the two reasons we've just highlighted. Its antimicrobial and chemical-free qualities are two main advantages.

    Using silk sheets can help prevent skin problems by reducing your exposure to bacteria. Hormonal fluctuations are the primary cause of acne, however bacteria can exacerbate the condition. It's not easy to clear up acne, but blemishes caused by bacteria are nearly impossible to get rid of. In the time it takes to recover, your acne will just get worse. Acne is avoided because fewer microorganisms may thrive on a silk pillowcase.

    Silk is beneficial for your skin because it has no artificial chemicals. The chemical components of synthetic materials can be just as unpleasant to the skin as they to the lungs. Chemically treated mattresses have been linked to skin irritation and discolouration, especially in children. On the other hand, if you utilise natural materials only in your bedding, you will not be concerned about any adverse reactions to the chemicals employed in its production.

    What Makes it So Good

    Pure Mulberry silk has temperature-regulating properties and is hypoallergenic. Being a protein also means it will naturally protect against microorganisms that cause unpleasant odours and allergies. But, to keep it in such pristine condition, you should be well versed in the proper maintenance of such a rare material. Mulberry silk requires delicate treatment when washing, drying, and storing. However, the material's fragility should not be mistaken for its lack of strength. With consistent care, it can last for many years, extending your enjoyment of its perks.

    Some More Qualities of Mulberry Silk

    • The smooth texture is relaxing and aids in getting to sleep. A good night's sleep can recharge your batteries and prepare you for the day ahead.
    • The silk from the mulberry tree is resistant to both heat and cold.
    • It reduces the growth of mould and mites, which are the primary causes of allergies and asthma, respectively.
    • There are inconsistent study results about claims that silk reduces rheumatism, arthritis, and skin problems, but many experts believe it does.
    • It stands up to regular use without a hitch. Before you throw something in the wash, check the label to see if the maker has any special care recommendations.

    Characteristics of Mulberry Silk

    A cloth of this quality is lightweight, supple, and durable. It is resistant to corrosion from seawater. Once upon a time, it was the material of choice for sails on ships. Unfortunately, in the modern world, it cannot withstand frequent washings in chlorine-based cleaning solutions.

    Can you describe the feel of Mulberry Silk sheets? The fact that silk feels so much like a second skin has a balanced and soothing effect. It promotes the evaporation of moisture, acts as a natural anti-allergen, and inhibits the growth of bacteria and germs, all of which contribute to a healthier environment for you and your loved ones.

    Long-term usage of silk quilts is associated with improved human health, according to a recent study, which found that the natural protein SERJCIN found in natural silk has antiallergic and skin-friendly properties.

    Why Mulberry Silk is Different from Other Kinds of Silk

    mulberry silk

    You can buy no better silk than Mulberry silk. How Mulberry silk is actually made is what makes it so special. China is the birthplace of Mulberry Silk, where farmers cultivate Mulberry trees and collect the leaves for the silkworms. From these cocoons, raw silk threads are woven.

    Bombyx mori silkworms produce some of the highest quality silk since they are solely fed mulberry leaves. Mulberry silk is more exquisite than other varieties of silk since it is pure white and formed of individual long fibres.

    Since all of the silk in the selection was silk-doped tussah silk, we can't call it a fake. However, if you look at it from the perspective of the qualified brand of more than 50% silk being called qualified goods, the fact that the item you purchased specifically stated that it was not 100% silk being no one's fault.

    Wild silk and Habotai silk, on the other hand, have a more varied colour palette and rougher texture than more commercially produced silks. You can count on the highest quality and longest lasting results from 100% Pure silk products.

    What makes Mulberry silk so expensive?

    Banana silk thread is the world's strongest natural fibre, therefore it can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Example: a pure silk fibre is more durable than an equivalently sized steel fibre. In addition to being hypoallergenic, mulberry silk is odourless and doesn't require "airing out" before usage like some of the lesser quality wild silks.

    In terms of price and quality, mulberry silk is unrivalled. It comes from silkworms that have been carefully cultivated in a controlled environment. It's also the priciest silk available.

    Why is it so much more expensive than regular silk, and how is it better than regular silk? To begin, I'll describe the technique of generating mulberry silk, a method for creating the best silk in the world that was invented tens of thousands of years by the Indians and has since been perfected by them.

    The Bombyx mori moth is responsible for producing the silk used to make mulberry fabric. The sole purpose of the moth is to serve as an egg laying machine. Its purpose is served once it lays around 500 eggs, and then it dies. In order to hatch the small eggs, the temperature is kept at 5 ° Fahrenheit and gradually elevated to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Silk sheets and comforters manufactured from 100 percent mulberry silk thread are the most sumptuous, long-lasting, and high-quality options available.

    This fabric is one of the earliest examples of linen and textiles we have evidence for. For millennia, only the nobility and the rich had access to the finished product because of the secrecy surrounding its production. Today, anyone who afford it can get this fabric. However, the durability of this standard ensures that it will serve you well for many years to come. Learn more here. We welcome your questions in the comments or by email.


    When it comes to fine fabrics, none compare to the smoothness and shine of mulberry silk. It's known by several titles, including "Queen of Fabrics," but that's just one of them. India, after China, is the world's largest producer of Mulberry silk. The value of a silk quilt is based on the quality of the silkworm cocoons, which are fed mostly on mulberry leaves. Mulberry silk has a long history of being highly regarded as one of the world's finest textiles.

    Nightly perspiration can cause a loss of as much as two cups of water for the average individual. As a bonus, silk sheets will help you maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature. You won't have to worry about becoming cold or wet when sleeping on a silk pillowcase or sheets because of silk's inherent ability to repel water. Those who choose to sleep with a mulberry silk duvet cover can rest easy knowing that their body heat is dissipated efficiently. Silk's wicking properties do more than only keep you cooler at night; they also stop bacteria and fungi from multiplying on your bedding.

    Silk sheets reduce bacterial exposure, which can aid those prone to skin problems. Silk pillowcases may be less conducive to the growth of acne-causing bacteria, therefore using one may reduce the likelihood of breaking out in pimples. Mulberry silk needs special care when being washed, dried, and stored so that it retains its lustre and lasts for years. White and composed of lengthy fibres, Mulberry silk is more refined than other types of silk. A recent study found that those who regularly use silk quilts have fewer health problems.

    Natural silk's SERJCIN protein possesses anti-allergenic and skin-friendly qualities. Mulberry silk is the best option for both affordability and quality. The silkworms used to make it are the product of a painstaking cultivation process. One of the first textiles we have evidence for is mulberry fabric, which dates back to the Stone Age. You can count on this benchmark to last for a very long time thanks to its high level of durability.

    Content Summary

    • India, after China, is the world's largest producer of Mulberry silk.
    • The silk used to create mulberry cloth comes from the Morinda moth.
    • The value of a silk quilt is based on the quality of the silkworm cocoons, which are fed mostly on mulberry leaves.
    • It is helpful to study the causes of these issues to comprehend how conventional bedding can add to overheating and how silk can ease hot flashes.
    • When using standard bedding, nearly all of a person's body heat is retained during the night.
    • A mulberry silk duvet cover, on the other hand, will immediately absorb any sweat and keep you cool throughout the night.
    • Silk's wicking properties do more than only keep you cooler at night; they also stop bacteria and fungi from multiplying on your bedding.
    • When it comes to Mulberry silk, this is the gold standard.
    • If you suffer from sensitive skin or allergies, a mulberry silk bedding set could be a lifesaver.
    • Silk sheets reduce bacterial exposure, which can aid those prone to skin problems.
    • Natural silk has no synthetic chemicals, making it great for the skin.
    • Because it is made from the world's strongest natural fiber—banana silk—banana silk thread is remarkably durable.
    • Mulberry silk is the best option for both affordability and quality.
    • First, I'll go over the process of making mulberry silk, the best silk in the world, which was invented thousands of years ago by the Indians and has since been perfected by them.
    • The silk used to create mulberry cloth comes from the Bombyx mori moth.
    • Sheets and comforters woven from pure mulberry silk are the softest, longest-lasting, and highest-quality choice you can make for your bed.
    • Please feel free to ask us anything in the comments or via email.

    FAQs About Mulberry Silk

    Smoother and stronger than any other silk in the world, mulberry silk is a textile powerhouse. Famous for its durability and lightweight quality, mulberry silk is able to retain up to a third of its weight in moisture.

    These long mulberry silk threads, combined with silk's natural desire to bond to itself, means that a mulberry silk duvet is durable and can easily last 15-20 years.

    The silk fibre obtained from the cocoon of this moth is soft, lusturous, and elastic and can be dyed in beautiful colours. This is because it is the most popular.

    As with many types of silk, however, the quality of mulberry silk can vary, so if you're looking to buy something made of mulberry silk, it's important to pay close attention to the momme count.

    Your silk should dry in about 45 minutes depending on temperature and conditions. Don't put silk items in the dryer. Heat can damage delicate silk fibers. If the dryer is absolutely necessary to use only 'air' setting for 15 minutes or less with NO fabric sheets or dryer balls.

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