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Is there anything more gorgeous than a sleeping baby? Yes, a baby sleeping in a beautiful cot – safe and sound. A key piece of the nursery puzzle, there are plenty of things to consider when buying a cot.

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    With an endless range of products on the market, a quick trip to the local baby shop just won’t suffice. Luckily we’ve scoured the baby stores to find best sleep options for your precious little one that’ll also suit your nursery budget!

    We've rounded up some of our favourites here!

    Tasman Essentials Eden Cot & Mattress with Free Fitted Sheet and Mattress Protector ($247)

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    Compact and stylish, this Tasman Essentials Eden Cot is a more compact cot and is perfect for a smaller nursery.

    Included in bundle is your choice of either Tasman Eco Essentials Foam Mattress or Tasman Eco Essentials Innerspring Mattress. With a an adjustable two-level nase, fixed side and castors included this essential cot can be easily moved from room to room and can fit through most standard sized doorways.

    Foam mattress dimensions: 108cm x 53cm x 6cm
    Innerspring mattress dimensions: 108cm x 53cm x 11cm

    Essentials by Tasman Eco Palermo Cot White ($199)

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    When you're outfitting your nursery and want a high-quality piece that doesn't overpower, the Palermo Cot is a natural choice. The cot has gently scalloped corners and elegantly curved trim. Its appealing simplicity makes it easy to match with any look while also not taking away from any of your other décor decisions.

    Darby Cot - Natural/White ($179)

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    The Darby Cot - Natural/White makes preparing and caring for your little one that much easier. We believe that every child should have the best start in life, so we ensure our cots come without the price tag and are super practical with everything a baby will need to rest safe and sound. This stylish cot comes in a chic natural pine design which fits easily into any nursery styling. With any children’s furniture safety is essential, which is why this cot does not include a drop side and complies with all Australian standards. The adjustable base features a newborn setting as well, so you can raise or lower depending on your baby's age and development.

    The Darby Cot - Natural/White gives your baby the best start in life. Create a cozy, sleepy space for your baby to rest, learn and grow. The white/natural pairing is light and bright, and the perfect gender-neutral design suits a variety of nursery styles. Style with adorable cot sheets, quilts, or decor to create an ultra dreamy space.

    Featuring an adjustable base, you can raise or lower to suit your baby's age and development. Providing plenty of room for your baby without being big and bulky, this cot is the perfect height for reaching in to lift your child in and out. Both our vale cot mattress and Nero cot mattress fit this cot.


    Eden Compact Cot & Mattress Package ($249)

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    Tasman Eco offers a collection of designs that are practical and style-conscious, offering the consumer confidence of a high-quality product based not only on contemporary design but also on the Childs’ safety paramount.

    The Eden Compact Cot has been designed to fit within any space, allowing for easy transitions between rooms in your home, without skipping on design and functionality.

    Manufactured from Radiata Pine Timber, sourced from sustainable forests globally, as well as Melamine and MDF materials.


    Boston Cot Toddler Bed Conversion - White ($99)

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    Transform your Boston Cot into a toddler bed with our Boston Cot Toddler Bed Conversion - White. Made as the perfect transition for your child from a cot to a kid's bed, this conversion gives you an option suitable for toddlers. To install, simply remove a side of your Boston Cot and attach this toddler side in its place. With this easy process, you can get even more use out of your cot purchase as your child enjoys their new toddler bed. Available in white, this toddler side attaches to all colors of our Mocka Boston Cot.

    Create a toddler bed for your child with our Boston Cot Toddler Bed Conversion - White. Ideal for when your child has outgrown their cot but isn’t quite ready for a big kids' bed. Simply use this white panel to replace a side of your Boston Cot and give your child the perfect transition bed between the cot and big kids bed.

    The benefits of converting your cot to a toddler bed mean your child remains safe and cozy in a bed they are already familiar with and remain close to the ground. This means your little one is also able to climb in and out of bed unassisted giving them the independence they crave at this developing time.

    Made from sturdy and quality materials, this cot conversion panel creates a strong bed for your child, so you can rest assured any child sleeping in this toddler bed is safe and secure. Help your little person transition from the cot to a big-kid bed with our Boston Cot Toddler Conversion.


    GULLIVER ($199)

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    A timeless cot with practical features that allows your baby to sleep safely until it's time for a "real" bed. As the baby grows, you can actually move the bottom down and remove one of the long sides.

    The cot base can be placed at two different heights.

    One cot side can be removed when the child is big enough to climb into/out of the cot. Your baby will sleep both safely and comfortably as the durable materials in the cot base have been tested to ensure they give their body the support it needs.

    The cot base is well ventilated for good air circulation which gives your child a pleasant sleeping climate.

    Grotime Clyde Cot White Natural ($199)

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    The Clyde Cot brings a mix of modern and natural design into the nursery environment, opening up endless design possibilities. Clyde draws inspiration from a Scandinavian design by focusing on the strong natural aspects of timber. The application of the round Matte White railing adds a distinctive finish to the minimalistic cot.

    InfaSecure Lawson Cot - Brown ($119)

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    The Lawson Cot blends classic style and modern versatility. With a simple design that will seamlessly fit with your existing décor, this solid timber cot features an adjustable base to suit growing infants and toddlers.


    Mille Kids Kyogle Cot ($239)

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    The Kyogle Cot from Mille Kids ticks all the boxes when it comes to picking a cot for your nursery.

    Deliver style and modern simplicity with the Mille Kids Kyogle Cot. A chic addition to any nursery, this cot provides a sleek and stylish option for your child's bedding needs without sacrificing safety. Made of high-quality wood, this durable children's bed is designed by Kiwi parents and meets United States safety standards like JPMA certification. This cot is not only beautiful but has an easy one-person assembly; it can be put together in minutes - no tools necessary!


    Mocka Aspiring Cot - White/Natural ($219)

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    The Mocka Aspiring Cot - White/Natural is a quality cot at an affordable price! The simple design of our popular Aspiring will complement the décor and style of any nursery. We have eliminated the traditional drop-side so you can be confident that your little one's cot is safe and stable.

    Elegant, simple, and practical, the Mocka Aspiring Cot - White/Natural has been designed to offer total safety and affordability, without compromising on style!

    The Aspiring Cot is constructed of sturdy New Zealand Pine and does not include a drop-side which means you and your baby can enjoy a stronger, safer cot. Plus without the need for fiddly latches, the Aspiring Cot is easier to use and noticeably more solid and sturdy.

    Featuring an adjustable base, you can raise or lower to suit your baby's age and development. As an added bonus, add the Aspiring Toddler Conversion to convert this cot into a toddler bed to last you for many years to come.

    The Mocka Aspiring Cot provides plenty of room for your baby without being big and bulky. With an elegantly simple design, assembly is incredibly fast and easy.

    Is there anything more gorgeous than a sleeping baby? Yes, a baby sleeping in a beautiful cot – safe and sound. A key piece of the nursery puzzle, there are plenty of things to consider when buying a cot.

    When it comes to choosing the cot for your nursery, there are plenty of things to consider.  From the design and style to the practicality of where and how it will be used, it has to be the right fit. It’s also essential to consider safety and quality so both baby, and mum and dad, can rest easy. The cot will likely be the centrepiece of the nursery ~ until your Bub arrives of course! From the style and design, to the functionality and practicality of this key piece of furniture, there are myriad options to meet every budget and nursery theme!

    As parents, the appearance of baby cots matter as we often want to match it with the baby nursery decor. But you should make sure to check the specifications for each product or the latest customer reviews. This will help you make the best decision on what cot to purchase.

    Do you choose a cot? A bassinet? Or both? It’s easy to see why Grandma and Grandpa just stuck your mum in a dresser drawer when she was a newborn!

    What to look for when buying a baby cot

    When deciding which cot’s best for your little dreamer, it’s important to consider aesthetic and functionality. Here are some considerations when choosing a cot:

    Space: How big/small is the room? Cots vary in size so measure your room and make sure the cot dimensions will fit your space. Use our handy nursery planning guide to help you on your way.

    Safety: Safety is paramount, so be sure to choose a cot that meets Australian Safety Standard AS/NZS 2172-2003.

    Quality: The quality will impact both the safety and durability of the cot. Choose a well made, sturdy cot that will last the journey.

    Fixed side or drop rail: Considering a cot with drop rails? Try to select a design that allows for one-handed operation so you can hold baby in the other arm.

    Adjustable mattress height: Cots should have a minimum of two mattress height options. Constantly reaching down for a tiny newborn isn’t fun, plus the added height means baby won’t be able to climb out of the cot.

    Nursery design: Is there a nursery theme or other furniture that the cot needs to compliment? Many cots are available in sets so the change table and dresser all match too.

    Features to consider when buying a cot

    Teething strips: These are plastic strips that attach to the rails of the cot to protect baby’s precious teeth and gums, as well as the cot itself.

    Castors: Wheels make a cot easier to move around. Ensure the wheels are lockable so the cot won’t move when in position.

    Sustainability: Look for claims of sustainable manufactures, such as the use of plantation or FSC-certified timber.

    Convertible cots: Make the transition from cot to bed as smooth as possible. A cot that doubles as a toddler bed will provide a safe and familiar environment when easing into the change.

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